View Full Version : Best of safe CA glue? aka superglue

2010.06.08, 04:27 PM
Is there a CA that is best to use on Mini-z bodies?
I tried gluing a side mirror on an enzo with Pacer Flex-Zap II and it turned the finish white. In fact, it was near another mini-z body and it started to fog the finish.

I also have AKA premier tire glue.

Just wondering if there is a formula of CA that is safe for mini-z finishes.

I need to go to my LHS and pickup some faster glue and wondering what might be best to pickup. I need something to quickly glue side body mounts. Also wondering if "zap" or accelerator is safe or just makes things worse?

2010.06.08, 05:21 PM
Generally the whiteness is caused by fumes collecting in a particular area either 1) getting trapped there and condensing, or 2) getting moved out too fast and getting droplets on the plastic, which then condense. So I notice that any superglue gives me some white when I use accelerator or if I don't let the fumes vent out (i.e. if I glue something inside the body and then leave the shell right-side-up, which traps fumes underneath the windshield).

I use cheapo superglue from the hardware store/Walgreens/anywhere, looks like this:


It doesn't leave white if you let the fumes out slowly. Again, this general rule should apply to all general-purpose CA glues.

2010.06.08, 05:41 PM
i found Super-Gold Odorless Thin Glue to not fog lens are the finish what so ever. i dries a little slower but other than that it works great

2010.06.08, 07:23 PM
This is what I use http://zapglue.com/Plastic.html

works awesome with no white or hazing....:cool:

2010.06.08, 07:45 PM
Im with Bermbuster on this. The Plasti-Zap is some of the best CA that I have ever used. It wont crack, and is pretty flexible when dry. It also leaves no white marks, and does not have a strong eye/nose irritating odor like other CA glues.

2010.06.08, 07:56 PM
Ill give that another vote. Extremely strong to. Another suggestion for you.....after you glue things up, put body in front of a small fan. Helps keep the fumes away while glue is drying/curing.;)

2010.06.09, 10:59 AM
another vote for the glue...

i have to ask Maj cause i cant remember the name of it but he has a glue kicker that wont turn the glue white... we have been using it i just cant remember what it is called at this time..

2010.06.09, 11:55 AM
Glue kicker usually weakens the bond a little as well... Which is why I usually try not to use it for side clips...

2010.06.09, 04:50 PM
in the past i have used Loctite super glue gel, the gel is a little easier to manage

2010.06.27, 12:40 PM
i do use the AKA glue, but i bought some insta-set from my local hobby shop.it's an accelerator. put the glue where ever you want and then spray over top of the glue and it's dry. one of the guys i race with showed me and it's awesome. it's about 3 bucks and it works,i was blown away.