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2010.06.09, 12:09 PM
I have a wierd problem, I am running an X-Speed motor in AWD for 8 weeks now. Last week, the car would stop running in the middle of the rack like the FETS were overheating or the batteries died. Couple of minutes later it would run again and then stop. I am going to gamble on the championship with the same board and motor.

I cleaned the whole clear and bearings if there was something causing binding to make it overheat. There is no smell and the motor is not hotter than normal.

I ran the car last nite but the chatter came back. I want to know is there any other alternative to help dampning other than heavy oil or grease on the knuckles.

2010.06.09, 02:12 PM
Mine AWD did this once when I drifted it for about 10 minutes with high gear ratio (don't remember the exact ratio). I run AM board and X-Speed V motor.

2010.06.09, 02:17 PM
There is a small fuse like device attached to the newer X-Speed and Kyosho Stock motors. When the amperage draw is higher than what the fuse can take, the motor shuts down (circuit breaks) for a little while. I always remove it, and there is a little more power and it doesnt shut down anymore.

Chatter is the enemy, fight it anyway you can. Grease on the knuckles, with a little glue on the sidewalls of the front tires, and glueing down the rear tires (no glue on the sidewalls), is the best way that I know how to reduce chatter.

2010.06.09, 06:36 PM

You did this for me two weeks ago. I ran Tuesday nite and it did it again. I am running 19/31 and I dont think it is geared high at all. Oil or grease on the knuckles and how hard should the springs be? I am running green all around, front shimmed with one spacer and the rear with two. Any thing else I might be overlooking?

2010.06.09, 06:43 PM
Let me take a look at it on Saturday. See if there is anything that I can figure out. Maybe try a different motor and see if the problem persists. . . 19/31 isnt too high, but there may be something that we are overlooking.

In general, I like to run a slightly harder front spring than rear. With a looser front diff than rear. I drive it similar to a RWD. But in general, you have to be slow in, fast out. You cant really let off as you enter the corner, otherwise the car will chatter more and more than likely swap ends.

2010.06.10, 04:52 PM
Not sure if your problem is the same as what happened to me with similar symptoms.

At first I thought it was batteries, loose wire, gears binding, etc. But it turned out to be the motor; the brushes on my PN 70T motor wore all of the way down

No probs after switching it out with a new PN 70T motor.