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Mrs Mini-Z
2010.06.09, 01:07 PM
We're happy to announce the 2010 "Why My Dad is the Greatest and He Should Get a Cool Batmobile AutoScale for Father's Day" essay contest or "Why I am the Greatest Dad and Should Get a Cool Batmobile AutoScale for Father's Day", just in case your kids can't write an essay yet, or are too busy with homework (or texting) to type. :)

We know that lots of you are Dads and of course that means that you work hard - and work hard to find time to race! What better way to celebrate Father's Day, than with a nice traditional essay contest?! :p The best part is that the winner will receive a Batmobile AutoScale (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=34431), as seen in our Mini-ZRacer.com Direct (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=176) listings. :cool:

To enter and submit your essay, just post a REPLY HERE TO THIS THREAD. Please limit entries to 500 words (though you won't be disqualified for going a few words over if you really feel that "really, really awesome" describes you better than "really awesome"). Entries must be submitted by midnight (EST) on Wednesday, June 16th. The contest will be judged by shop.tinyrc.com (http://shop.tinyrc.com/home.php) staff, and the winner will be announced, of course, on Father's Day (June 20th). This contest is open to all Mini-ZRacer.com Forum (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/index.php) Members all over the world, even if your country isn't celebrating Father's Day on the 20th.

Get creative and have fun! Maybe you get up early to take your kid to hockey practice, or have sat through years of baton swirling recitals, or continue to help your grown up kid with her home improvement projects (like my Dad). The grammar police will not be on duty, so DON'T STRESS!! :eek: Take a moment to pat yourself on the back for all that you do, oh, and Happy Father's Day!!! :D

Mrs Mini-Z
2010.06.11, 09:48 AM
The weekend is upon us - time to submit your entry into our Father's Day contest. :)

If writing an "essay" is intimidating :eek: we'll happily accept a haiku poem, knock knock joke, fable, limerick - anything family friendly will do! :D

Mrs Mini-Z
2010.06.12, 11:17 AM
Ok, I'm going to get the entries rolling, and since I came up with the idea of a haiku poem, I am going to go with that (also, with a 15 month old running around the house, short and sweet is good!!)

Dada I love you
I like to play peek-a-boo
"Where is Samantha?"

Now, I obviously can't win, but now I have set the bar very low, you have something to aim for! :p

2010.06.13, 04:48 PM
i like the poem :)

Mrs Mini-Z
2010.06.14, 03:23 PM
Hello....Forum Members??? Are you out there? :confused:

You have through Wednesday to enter our Father's Day contest. Surely someone out there can do better than my poem!!!:p

2010.06.14, 09:56 PM
Why am I the coolest Dad...... Hmmmm....

According to my sons it's very clear,
That in there hearts I am oh so dear,
We face each day with all the struggle,
Without a chance for a snuggle,
Working so hard and finding some time,
To take us racing it's not a crime,
Mom gets mad when we go out, BUT
Racing Z's it's where it's at......

Dad Your the greatest......

Mrs Mini-Z
2010.06.15, 03:49 PM
Don't forget tomorrow is the deadline to win a Bat Mobile!!!!

2010.06.15, 07:48 PM
I think my dad is so cool
When he's racing Z's he's no fool
He prefers traction rollin'
to Thursday night bowling
and we race every day after school


How's that... :)

2010.06.15, 10:41 PM
Here's one from my son Sam.



2010.06.15, 10:58 PM
it's my first father's day for me... since a photo is worth a thousand words, here's my entry... a photo essay(?) so to speak... :D

happy father's day to me... lol :D

Mrs Mini-Z
2010.06.16, 07:01 AM
Wow!! The entries are looking good! :)
Be sure to get yours in today in order to be in contention for the free Bat Mobile AutoScale! :cool:

2010.06.16, 11:11 AM
this is for my father

if it was not for him i would not be into rc's ever since i was a little boy he tought me every thing i know today i can remeber it like it was yester day racing his tamiya hornet on are dirt track in the back yard even when something broke he would take the time to show me how to fix it but now as i am older and have moved away we dont get to spend all that much time together but i just look back on those days and smile and think thanks dad if it wasnt for you i wouldnt have a mini-z addiction haha thanks for all the great memories and all the rc knowlegde you've shared with me HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD!!!!!

sorry if its to long guys i tired to make it short and to the point

2010.06.16, 04:15 PM
I have a dad who as the owner of action rc mini speedway in staten island will tell you was really a devoted parent. How would he know you might ask, well my dad would come and pick me up on the other side of the city an hour away every night close to midnight if not later at the track for a year and a half and drive me and emu home, he would support the hobby, he works incredibly hard and does not just hand me money even though he could do that every day, he makes me appreciate the value in things

that is why my dad deserves a reminder of how great a dad he is for the racing and the community should also be thankful for such supportive people

2010.06.16, 10:06 PM
My story revolves on the values my Dad instilled in me and how I am passing them down to my son. Unfortunately my Dad is no longer with us. i was born premature and because of it i have issues w my vision and i endured several operations as a boy in the 60s....Well Batman was my Hero of choice and my Dad took me to the Worlds Fair in 1967 and I got to sit in the Batmobile.....He also bought me the Corgi Batmobile. As I grew up I got better but my Dad worked sometimes 3 jobs and I never got to know him well.
He was a great provider for our family and instilled many values but I dont have many play memories.....
Now lets jumpstart to the present Im a Dad and I work just like my Dad...
(apple doent fall far from the tree) I try to give my son awesome memories and we have been racing RC since he was 5. He has raced all over the northeast at local state and national events. We started racing Kyosho half eights and he got to race against Jeremy Kortz when he was 5. Needless to say we got hooked on Kyosho and bought mini z s....We were also on TV Inside RC did a segment at the Offroad Carpet Mini Nats. The guys who know me know that my sons equipment is better than mine and we share all of our toys. There is one toy I wish I had for me and that is the Batmobile. it touches a soft spot and brings me back to a special time and place.....being it is a Fathers day contest what better way for a Dad to get his childhood dream back.....and create a new memory.....

2010.06.16, 10:15 PM
hey berm... that to me is a winner... :D thanks for sharing...
almost forgot to greet my own dad too... hey pop happy father's day... :D

Mrs Mini-Z
2010.06.17, 06:13 AM
Our Father's Day Bat Mobile contest has come to a close. It got off to a slow start, but in the end there are some great entries. :) Thanks to all who shared with us - Hallmark has nothing on you guys! :p

The winner will be announced by Father's Day (this Sunday). :D

Mrs Mini-Z
2010.06.19, 07:40 PM
...BERMBUSTER!!! You've got your childhood dream back!!! :)

Thank you so much to all of the forum members who entered. We appreciate you sharing your personal experiences with all of us. We know sometimes it's hard to toot your own horn, and perhaps even harder to get your kids to do it for you! It's so great to remember that in this hobby/business/world of RC's there is a lot of heart at it's core. Ok, enough of the mushy stuff! :p

To show how much we appreciated all of the entries we got, we would like to offer a $5 shop.tinyrc.com (http://shop.tinyrc.com/home.php) gift certificate to all of our entrants: PadrinoNY, akura2, hobbycar, herman, 70hemicharger, and Stugottz. Even though you didn't win the Batmobile (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=34431), you can use your shop gift certificate to get one through the Mini-ZRacer.com Direct Marketplace (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=176), or anything else you might need to keep on racing!!

Will all participants please open a Shop Support Ticket (http://shop.tinyrc.com/support_ticket.php), so we can get all of the necessary information needed to get you your prizes! :cool:

2010.06.20, 02:49 PM
i just wanted to say thank you very much for the $5 dollar gift card i will have to get something to start my dads mini-z collection with it hehe and congrats to bermbuster you lucky dog now dont go saving all of gotham at once :) and a happy fathers day to all you dads out their

Davey G
2010.06.20, 06:13 PM
Congrats GEORGE!

2010.06.20, 08:29 PM
Congrats GEORGE!
Wow George, congrats & now you have another rare item added to your huge Mini Z bodies collection!

2010.06.20, 09:58 PM
woopie... thanks mrs mini-z for the gc... and to the other guys, thanks for sharing... finally congrats to berm... loved it the first time i read it...

happy father's day to all dads out there...

2010.06.21, 08:23 PM
Thanks to Mini Z Racer.....
My favorite forum on the internet. I really enjoy my time reading and posting
about one of my favorite hobbys/sport/lifestyle.....:cool:

This was a special Fathers day for me one I will remember for a long time.
Now my next problem...Do I run the Batmobile or do I look at it.....

2010.06.21, 08:35 PM
Congrats bermbuster (I vote for not running it :D ) and a belated Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.

And thanks to Mini-ZRacer.com for the gc.


2010.06.22, 08:36 AM
Congratulations George
Thank you for the giftcard

Mrs Mini-Z
2010.06.22, 08:37 AM
Just a reminder to all members who participated in the contest to open a Support Ticket (http://shop.tinyrc.com/support_ticket.php) (if you haven't already done so) to get your $5 shop.tinyrc.com (http://shop.tinyrc.com/home.php) gift certificate!

Thanks!!! :)

2010.06.25, 12:43 PM
Thanks Mrs Mini Z I got the Batmobile and it is going on Display in my office....:cool: I love the way it looks and I would definitely race it...:D
We have a lot of Jokers , riddlers but no catwomen....:eek: at Majs....
It is definitely too kool to race.....:D so it will be displayed proudly adding to my Batman story.......