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2010.06.10, 11:16 PM
Hi Philip,
I just bought a 35 turn armature and neo magnet can from rckenon. With the other 3 cans I've bought and this one, I had to dremel the corners of the endbell off so it would fit on the can. When I did that, my motors were fine last time. I have to shave the corners off so I can close the can tabs over the endbell. I tried putting the armature in without the washer, and there is no wiggle room and it is binding... any other ideas on how to make it work ok? thanks......

2010.06.11, 01:44 AM
Make sure the bearing in the can is fully home, you may have to adjust the stopper on the comm shaft(if there is room for the winds still)if not then drill the hole in the endbell to sink the bearing in it further

2010.06.11, 03:03 AM
Thank you Matt. Funny thing is that I knew all of those tricks before your reply. I didn't want to drill the endbell because I might mess that up. The washer idea I was weary about because when I handwound on the PN armatures, the metal spacer would slide around when taking the pinion off, but stayed on for this armature. :D