View Full Version : Can an old F1 be rebuilt to use the newer Black chassie?

2010.06.13, 12:00 PM
I have an old F1 with the old 27Mhz electroninc inside and I do not have any 2.4Ghz radiosystem.

can I use the black chassie in a rebuil of the F1? I have heard that they are alot better than the clear chassies..

in short will the old electronincs fit on the black chassies?


2010.06.13, 12:11 PM
yes they can, only difference is the servo cover and the metal bar that goeas across the bar, it will have to be modified/spaced to clear the ICS plug. my renault is a conversion.

2010.06.13, 01:10 PM
So, if I understand correctly, you want to use AM on the new black chassis? Yes, it should work without any problems. Just re-use the parts to hold the crystal from the old chassis... The mold is the same from what I can tell, but they did update the battery terminals, and the battery cover. You can use the old batt cover if you shave it down on the inside a little to clear the terminals.

2010.06.16, 07:43 AM
Thanks for answering!

I will try to get a black main chassie to replace my old clear one as it is getting to broken to keep. I think I broke one of the rear plastic tabs when installing the mantisworx rear wing holder.. Ah well my bad!

No to ordering the replacement parts.... somewhere.

2010.08.16, 04:50 PM
Parts have been ordered and the old electronics fit in the new chassies, NO problem,

There is a problem with the batterycover as said by EMU. I will cut and modify my old cover to make it fit.
I am going to install my Mantisworx parts in this new chassie... I did not notice any improvements using them in the old chassie maybe this time around I will get a drivable F1?

2010.08.16, 06:27 PM
list your setup and i can suggest changes that will work. if you installed the tower bars and did not notice a difference than you have some underlying issues with the car!! caster and camber do what they do, no denying it! and the side plates are softer so they do work. the wing mount is not noticeable unless you are on a fast track, if so you will notice some high speed push. my team drivers have won two PNWC events this year so far and at the last event every car in the A main except one was running the t plate system and the guy whoe didnt have it had the soft side plates! generally people dont buy things that do not work!

2010.08.16, 06:43 PM
i just emailed you a setup to try out;)

2010.08.18, 05:01 PM

I will try it as soon as my t-plate arrives.

Thanks for your support, and as you stated I also believe that there was some underlaying problem in the chassie, afterall it was a very old chassie.

It has now been replaced with the new grey chassie and I am expecting greatness from it this time around. I am also going forward carefully when installing stuff on it so that I do not accidently brake something.....

2010.08.18, 05:34 PM
your t plate shipped out regular mail today.

2010.08.19, 01:28 AM
your t plate shipped out regular mail today.

Thanks Marcus!

2010.08.26, 01:11 AM
The car is now assemblied with a few niceties from MantisWorx it will deliver on the track..
I still have to test it on a track.
There were no big issues converting to the new chassie, well except the fact that the old battery cover does not fit the new chassie, but that is not a problem as I am using the t-plate from MantisWorx.

I will return with results from track test.

2010.08.26, 02:02 AM
To use the old battery cover, you can shave down the sides of it a little where it would contact the metal battery contacts. That is what prevents it from closing.

Hope to see some pics :)

2010.08.28, 03:09 PM
Hope to see some pics :)
Well pictures does not tell the entire story in this case as it looks lika normal F1 in the pictures...

I had to perform some major surgery in the rear above the kyoshos damper plate system to clear the body, or make holes in the body to make room for the damper system. The plastic got to thin dremeling so i put some heat on with a lighter and it was then possible to slightly push the body out with my fingers and there was room enough. The very thin plastic cought fire on the left side som now it looks as if it has blown a gasket in the past or something, but hey it is a race car a few dents and some dirt is expected?

Pictures are taken without the rear wing as it does not fit into its storage box with the wing mounted.

track test still to come.

2010.08.28, 10:39 PM
get rid of those back tires ASAP!! i wouldnt even attempt to test with them!

2010.08.29, 01:34 AM
New rear tires should be arriving any day now...

2010.09.13, 03:22 PM
First track test on RCP has been done.
and I must say the car is fast, vicked fast with the PN43T motor in...
however I should listen to Marcus and get some god rear tires, as the car is tailhappy and spins out all over ... it is a handful to drive and therefore very hard to drive consistently.
I am now in the progress of getting new tires for the rear again. hoping that this time I will get it right!

Thanks Marcus!

2010.09.28, 01:21 AM
OK, now I have run the car in PNWC regional in Stockholm and the car performed well, I used the PN 50T motor with ballbearings and it was still a very fast car.... on par with the fastest guys. Now I need to get even more driving time on the car as the driver is what needs correcting.....

Marcus, Thanks!

It is a pain in the.. to change the batteries though. I need to investigate the possibility to charge while in car...

and oh, I finished in third place.