View Full Version : glitchy stearing

2010.06.20, 10:07 AM
my car has glitchy steering if i have the car off the ground the wheels move a little.Also if im holding the car and turn the wheel and let it go the steering jitters alot.i does not seem to bother the car when im driving but is there a fix.


2010.08.02, 04:43 AM
spray use contact cleaners the potentio on the servo.
while spraying move the potentio left and right simultaniously.
that doing fine on my steering.

good luck trying.

NB: contact cleaner, not degreaser!

2010.10.10, 10:36 PM
i had problems with interferences , changed the crystal, and that was it , steering is perfect now

2010.10.14, 02:29 PM
Yamar I had the same issue after racing it on my RCP track on a hot day. I had to disassemble the entire thing all the way down to the steering servo gears and pick out bits of the track that had found there way in there. After that it was good as new so something else to try especially if this happened after running on a track.