View Full Version : keep blowing fets on my 03 ????

2010.06.20, 06:02 PM
i have a car that was new and blew the fets within a few months. sent it back to kyosho and they fixed it.a few months later they blew again. i'm not doing anything crazy,just out of the blue the fets just burn up.

i do have another car that had upgraded fets and just out of the blue,they smoked up. the car works fine one run and 20 minutes later i'll go back out and puff there goes the fets.

is this normal? do fets just go out like that or is it the 03 boards? i'm real disapointed with this. i don't ever remember having an 02 do this.

just tring to get some info why this would do this. thanks eric

2010.06.20, 06:05 PM

Do you solder the motor wires to the board? Are the power wires soldered as well? Just want to rule out the obvious...

2010.06.20, 07:17 PM
emu,the car that was sent back to kyo is stock.i use the eyelets for the motor wires on the board. i do make sure that i snip the edge of the eyelet so it does not hit the little component between the motor screws.

the other car that i have up graded fets on. the wires on the board have been up graded to. but the same for the motor wires i still use the eyelets but of coarse i solder to the motor it's self. the car works for a few packs and then just burns up. thanks for the help