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2010.06.23, 08:41 AM
I just got the ex-10 eurus and I love it. I have a question regarding the sensitivity of the wheel and the adjustment needed.

I asked the guys at the shop where I race and they are not familiar with the radio.

When I make the smallest turn of the wheel it is super sensitive and causes major sterring in my car. Is there an adjustment to that I could make that would make the steering less responsive to small turns of the wheel? Please advise.

2010.06.23, 09:19 AM
WSR- i am dealing with similar issues with my eurus, i just got it and still trying to figure it out. my steering was good out of the box, it is the throttle that is tricky for me to dial in. would you be able to tell my the numbers you have set for your throttle settings?

2010.06.23, 09:20 AM
you need to go into the steering settings and add about -5 to -10 curve:)

2010.06.23, 09:22 AM
for a 2.4 board its the same as the old helios, set it to 84 forward

2010.06.23, 09:43 AM
for a 2.4 board its the same as the old helios, set it to 84 forward

The guys at the shop thought it was the curve but we were not sure. Thats awesome man I appreciate it. Also another dumb question but what does adjusting the dual rate up or down do?

2010.06.23, 12:05 PM
Increases or decreases the steering range. I havent used the Eurus, but I am very comfortable with the Helios.

2010.06.23, 02:11 PM

I would start by setting everything to 0 and recalibrating the radio. Look in your manual. Then you should follow the setting provided by KO for you miniz.(see below) Then tweak the curve, blance etc... I hope this helps.:D

Mini-Z Help Center
Here you will find the latest information for settings and products for the Kyosho Mini-Z.
2.4GHz ASF Settings
When setting up your 2.4GHz Kyosho Mini-Z with any of our supported KO brand transmitters, you will need the following settings.
Set the steering Travel to 70 or 70%.
Set the steering Balance to NO MORE then 70%.
Set the throttle High Point to 60.
Set the throttle Brake to 60.
DO NOT use the Quick Steering or Quick Throttle Response found in the EX-1 UR transmitter.
These settings for your transmitter will help to ensure that you 2.4GHz Mini-Z will operate correctly.
The ICS USB adapter can be used to set up your 2.4GHz Mini-Z with a PC. You will need to download the software and instructions from the Kyosho website found here.
Transmitter Setting Chart for Mini-Z Products *(Ultra Response Mode is not supported)
Chassis Type
Response Mode MR-01 MR-02/015/AWD F-1 Overland Monster
Normal AM, AD, 2.4GHz AM, AD, 2.4GHz AM, 2.4GHz AM, 2.4GHz AM, 2.4GHz
Super HSR AD, 2.4GHz AD, 2.4GHz 2.4GHz 2.4GHz 2.4GHz
Advanced HSR AD, 2.4GHz AD, 2.4GHz 2.4GHz 2.4GHz 2.4GHz
*AM, AD and 2.4GHz requires the module, crystals and corresponding PC board to be used for each response mode and chassis.

2010.06.24, 07:53 AM
Thanks Edel, see you at Maj's on Friday