View Full Version : 02 board on 03 chassie??

2010.06.27, 12:22 PM
does anybody know if a 02 board will fit in a 03 chassie?

2010.06.27, 12:24 PM
yes it will but you need a 03 servo motor. and you cant get one unless you have one that came off a 03 board

2010.06.27, 12:30 PM
I haven't try 02 board to 03 chassis,

This is 03 borad to 02 chassis
use 02 servo motor
swap servo motor + / -, Red and Black
swap servo single wire Orange and Green

2010.06.27, 12:31 PM
chad,can't the 03 servo motor solder right to the 02 board? my servo is fine. it's just the board on the 03 that keeps smokin.

2010.06.27, 12:33 PM
so the 02 servo will fit in the 03 chassie?

2010.06.27, 12:45 PM
i think philip is thinking the 03 board in 02 chassis. the 02 servo motor will not fit in the 03 chassis, at least i have not got it to fit. the servo motor will just solder right in though. the only other thing is when you put in the board you will see a spot on the chassis that has to be trimmed out slightly. nothing major.

2010.06.27, 12:54 PM
well serano is gonna get a project, if boss man landon lets him:D.