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2010.06.27, 08:39 PM
i just started charging my aaa's one at a time on a pn style charger. most would charge like normal showing 1.55-1.65 volts and 700-900 mah. but i had a few that got up to 1900 mah and still climbing. i got scared and pulled them off not sure of what would happen. is this a sign of real good batteries are ones that have gone bad. also they were orion 900s

2010.06.27, 09:08 PM
What delta peak setting are you using when charging a single cell? I would think that if you are getting 1000mah over what the cell is rated, that it didnt detect the peak. Most chargers you set the capacity, so if the cell goes 20% over that number, the charge is terminated.

2010.06.28, 12:47 AM
that sounds like a mis-peak due to poor connection. try cleaning the connectors on both the battery & the charging tray then recharge them again after a discharge cycle.

2010.06.28, 03:56 AM
i have the charger set to 5mv delta peak. i'll try cleaning the cells to see what happens. thanks guys