View Full Version : anyone still interested in racing?

2010.06.27, 09:31 PM
hey guys, i bought a miniz so i could come race with you guys but i hav'nt seen much activity then i pm'd hpgod a few days ago and never got a reply. i was wondering if there were any races planned anytime soon? if not i have a facility that we can use and we can make a pvc guard rails to go over the carpet and set up a little track until i can afford one of them sexy rcp tracks. if someone could bring a lap counter set up until i could afford to buy one it would also be pretty cool.

let me know what you guys think, lol im ready to race :D

2010.06.28, 03:17 PM
Just PMed you back with details.
practice is available by apointment most days.

NEXT race day?
RUSS are you available july 10 or the 24th? is setup in HFAY BTE 3 still but will change to july HFAY layout later this week.

Price to race:free I am doing this for fun and just want to people to race with.

Hank my wife wants to start charging you rent for your bag:)

2010.06.28, 07:32 PM
Sorry Art! Maybe I'll be able to go next race, but we'll see:D

2010.06.29, 10:35 PM
The 24th might work, definitely not the 10th as I'll be at a fly-in that day.

2010.06.30, 07:06 AM
Works with me. Next event will be JULY 24.
I may go run my Blitz SCT on the 10th then:)