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2010.06.30, 02:17 AM
I heard about new AAA Peak batteries. What do you think about it ? Where can I found them ?

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2010.06.30, 05:43 AM
I'd like to know how guys like these PEAK cells as well...:)

2010.06.30, 09:16 AM
These are the same cells as Orion 900's. There is not one thing that is different about them. Kyosho America stopped distributing the Orion brand in the USA and they re-launched Peak Racing to fill their small battery and motor niche. These cells are made at the same factory, and are just labeled differently, but are in fact, the same cells.

2010.06.30, 02:04 PM
Thank you for the info. So the Orion cells (900's & 750SHO) will no longer be available stateside? That kinda sticks, I really dig the 750 SHO cells.

2010.06.30, 02:14 PM
im sure they will still be available from other vendors, just not kyosho

2010.06.30, 03:02 PM
Chad is correct, just not available through Kyosho. I get my Orion batteries from an overseas vendor since I can't get them from the State-side distributor.

2011.01.30, 10:21 PM
I just ordered some peak 900s. Can I use them with my orion 900s since you say they are the same battery.