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2010.06.30, 08:39 AM
Saterday July. 24
This will be the 1st race of HFAY season 10 races 1/2. 10:30AM start. practice open at 9:00 AM LETS RUN 1-2 qualifers and a main in each direction. 1 hour practice break between directions. Finish time will be around 12:30

3770 silver springs road cumming ga 30041
James Creek subdivision turn right which is away from the Ashton woods model home off melody mizer lane.

HFAY racer class Kyosho MR02/03 with 70turn motors PN/HFAY both OK.
price $free

The Lap timer is I lap with giro Z connectors with rc scoring pro trial version keeping the score. 8 minute Qualifiers with 8 minute mains w stagger starts.
Open practice will be timed for tuning.
I will provide the velcro and giroz plug for the transponders.

We should have some new racers with us based on the feedback I am getting.

Please post if you plan to attend to I can ensure enough pit tables are Setup.

2010.07.02, 05:55 AM
i might try to make it i have relatives in marietta that i could visit

2010.07.02, 06:03 AM
is this a bte

2010.07.02, 06:52 AM
BTE is june/dec. I pulled the BTE layout up last night and laid down the HFAY july track. It looks small after running 17x10 layouts the last few months.

You race at MAJs regularly right? I had fun running with that group at the PN worldcup in myrltebeach.

Marrietta in ~ 30 minute drive on the highway to my house:) It goes quick as the unoffiacal spped limit is 70.

2010.07.02, 08:46 AM
I finally got a better radio for Jaren. Turns out decent 27 Mhz AM radios are still more expensive that I had guessed. I managed to get one of the JR XR2's for $35 delivered off ebay. Overall it's nice, just wish it had expo for him. Oh well, at least you can adjust steering rates.


2010.07.02, 08:54 AM
so if i come down is it worth going to it

2010.07.02, 10:27 AM

The race is not a big event race like the upcoming pn worldcup race at MAJs but just a monthly club event. HFAY event is 10-12 clubs around the world run the same track each month then submitt the times. Our club has shrunk the last 3 years since our hobby shop location closed when a typical day had 15 racers. I started the club running in HFAY when I continued the carring of the torch of running the club to keep the remaining members interest since we have varying skill levels. It realy give the The current club is 3 regulars and 5-6 are interested but usually do not show. Our race days is more of a laid back 1/2 day of fun at my house.

Dont worry about the trasponders, I provide them and the wires to connect them (I have 6 house trasponders). Even if you need a car. I have a race ready 2.4 mr02 lexas on the shelf if needed. If you need a car and have a 2.4 radio then you can run it:) We have not run mod at club events in ~ 2 years. The 2 other experts I use to race mod with (PINOYboy and ATLMZ) do not race regularlly anymore. If you want to run some miniz while in town come on by if not enjoy your vaction:)

2010.07.02, 10:46 AM
if i come down count me in but ill have to talk to my parents

2010.07.02, 11:34 AM
If you mom is the outlet mall type, tell her the dawsonville tanger outlet mall is 25 minute up the road(GA400). lol

2010.07.02, 05:36 PM
no id be staying with my uncle and grandma so they said its fine

2010.07.03, 07:03 AM

it says awd is allowed in stock is that still the case if not let me know so i have time to buy and set up an 02 also they dont run f1 or mod anymore

2010.07.03, 08:58 AM
I have no problem with you running a 70T awd with us. If you still want to try an 02, My offer to run my LEXAS WTF mr02 2.4 with IT REFLEX,QTEC,PN DIFF still stands as just been on the shelf since feb..

2010.07.08, 09:18 PM
im not going to be able to make it, my dad and my uncle are helping with a national event and my mom wont drive me up there (even though its a 30 mins drive. well, 10 min the way she drives...) i really wish i could be there, but atleast this will give me more time to hunt down parts. hope you guys have fun!

2010.07.18, 06:15 PM
I am not going to be able to make this. Too many family obligations for the next while. :( The summer is going by too fast and I'm not getting the stuff done I need to.

2010.07.23, 06:41 AM
role call
hank you in or out for this one?

2010.07.23, 06:54 AM
role call
hank you in or out for this one?

Sadly, I'm out. My girlfriend's grandmother passed away early this morning. So we are both heading to South Carolina later today.

2010.07.23, 06:08 PM
My nefew blake is in. We are going to pick him up tonight.