View Full Version : EX5-UR Throttle Subtrim for reverse?

2010.06.30, 02:27 PM
Does anyone know why I have to adjust the throttle subtrim to forward 4-6 to get the cars to go into reverse? A racer at my club is having difficulty and when the cars were first setup to the radio this was not necessary, now all of his cars have to have this setting to get the car to reverse. Thanks.

2010.06.30, 03:53 PM
He probably has to recalibrate the trigger.

2010.06.30, 04:34 PM
I never touch the Throttle subtrim (default 000)on my 4 cars to get reverse.
I adjust menu 13 of Throttle brake with set maximum movement for throttle brake and reverse. Base starts at 70 and as you decrease no. increments,
trigger's reverse response will come alive. All 4 cars have different lower no. points characteristic for best reverse response & speeed time.

2010.06.30, 06:46 PM
He probably has to recalibrate the trigger.

I don't have the manual, how would you do this?

2010.07.01, 09:33 AM
This is a copy of the manual, I never tried it.

1) goto ADJ function
2) Hold the + key for a period
3) Turn the steering wheel all the way to the right and left, then release
4) move thr throttle trigger all the way to the front ande back and release
5) When OK appears push + to confirm

Thats it. GL