View Full Version : Narrow Car Body Suggestions

2010.07.01, 08:14 PM
Here at Action RC Speedway in New York, we run a narrow class with a 70t. I have a RX-7 body that run like it is on rails. With 0N all around, I really have to try hard to flip the car. The problem is I feel the body is too heavy and I dont have much punch or top end. I also have a 512BB that I can use. Does anyone know what is a really good and light body besides the Ferrari 355; since you cant find one. What does anyone think of the Sylvan?

2010.07.02, 11:13 AM
i ruyn the rx7 too... im gonna say its probally batteries that isnt giving you the performance you need... we run 70t on standard sze cars for the pn race and they are screaming fast... look at reflex racings website for their tuturiol on 70t motor break in and look into getting some new trp 900 batteries... also i dont know what kind of charger your using but if is something that you cant use to peak your batteries then you might want to look into a new charger too... a difffernt body isnt going to change the situation...

2010.07.02, 07:30 PM
It may be the motor but not the batteries. I run the same sets in my wide and AWD and no problem for the punch. Maybe I have the break the motor in.