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2010.07.01, 09:17 PM

Weird thing has started happening to some of my intellect 750cells. I've got a few cells now that want to recieve a higher than normal charge...when i mount them in my powerex it cuts off as i start saying "high' voltage because they seem to want to accept 2.25 to 2.76 volts.

Really weird, huh?

Any ideas what exactly in the chemistry has happened?

Think i can get them working again by charging them on my peak charger or am I tempting fate/damage?

2010.07.02, 05:13 AM
From what I have researched when the voltage starts peaking that high the cell is no longer of use. Tis has happened to me before and nothing could be done to remedy the issue, I just tossed the cells and bought new ones.

2010.07.02, 05:18 AM
the chemicals have crystallized, lowering capacity and raising V's, my old intellects grew outwards on the - side of the cell

2010.07.02, 06:36 AM
The Maha reads the internal resistance, and displays it in a voltage readout before charge starts. If it is over 2v, then the cell will not charge...

2010.07.02, 08:55 AM
thanks guys....sorted through the cells and tossed the weird ones out.:D

Davey G
2010.07.02, 10:24 AM
if the cells have been sitting for a while, dont try to charge them. Hook a volt meter up to them, if the cell read .8 or lower. Just toss it....its done. When the cell reaches lower then .9 it rapidly discharges as it rests and becomes garbage. This is the quick way to sort through your cells instead of having to TRY and charge a pack and see error codes.

2010.07.06, 05:16 AM
That's what I do now Davey. I had a few packs that all of a sudden were dumping waay fast... I started checking the volts w/ voltmeter before running them now and found some of the cells I charged and ran recently were almost 0 volts!!! They discharged that fast... Stick a fork in them... They done:) +1 for recommending buying a voltmeter:)