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2010.07.02, 01:47 PM
I know 2.4ghz is a popular topic but what radios are compatible with AM?
Would a traxxas or Losi radio found in their common RTR kits work with a mini-z? Is there a list of compatible AM radios anywhere?

I ask because I'm convincing my local hobby shop to stock Mini-z but the selection from Kyosho is less than spectacular. So I'm suggesting TX-less chassis kits and stocking Auto Scales.

2010.07.02, 05:33 PM
all 27 mhz am radios are compatible with thr am miniz.
my kids(2&3) run my old am miniz's with various am radios(losi/hpi/ae) tiil they break them.

2010.07.02, 11:51 PM
Futaba 2PL is a good transmitter for the money.

2010.07.03, 12:59 AM
I hope you ar enot suggesting your hobby shop to stock AM mini-z's :eek:

2010.07.03, 06:49 AM
Futaba 2pl
Ko Propo with am module
Futaba 3pjs with am module
aertronics am digital radio

2010.07.03, 10:45 AM
JR makes a xr2 radio in AM 27 MHz with 2 model memory. 2.4gh is the way to go.

2010.07.03, 06:27 PM
The thing is, they'll have a tough time moving product if you need to buy an mr-03 chassis set ($180) and then a kt-18 or module for $80.

They can sell the mr-015 chassis set for $90 and an autoscale for $40 and someone could use a radio they have laying around.