View Full Version : Narrow 90mm Bodies

2010.07.04, 12:47 AM
just checking with the locals to see if anyone has anything available for sale or trade?

2010.07.04, 04:05 PM
Still have AC Cobra I painted, wouldn't mind trading at all. Pipes got knocked off, but I still have them. I didn't even bother attaching the little hooks for obvious reasons. Also have quite a few FDs.

2010.07.05, 09:42 AM
not interested in the cobra, unless it's the daytona coupe. what type of FD's do you have?

2010.08.15, 06:25 PM
looking to trade my 94mm c5-r (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=29836&d=1273794951) for an unpainted gt-r gt500. let me know if anyone is interested. it's only been raced a couple of times.