View Full Version : Saturday Race 7/10/10

2010.07.09, 07:59 AM
Don't know much about the race but I gather that it is starting at 10am with doors open at 9am.

Should we bring transponders if we have them/ CORE style? I heard that we may be running HFAY not sure though. Either way Lincoln and I should be there.

Maybe some could elaborate a bit more, see you soon!:)

2010.07.09, 08:48 AM
I am bringing the tags. The timing system is the Kyosho version running flipside. We know that the small tags work.

I haven't had any recent contact with Mark but will today.

We will likely run stock and LM for the convienience of the new guy's. We can get access through the rear of the store starting at 9:00. Shop opens at 10:00.

2010.07.09, 10:09 AM
Wish I could be there, on a road trip.

2010.07.09, 12:47 PM
I, for one, am ready to get racing

2010.07.09, 04:38 PM
Hey guys, I probably should have posted something sooner but Mike is right; rear doors open to racers at 9:00am, racing starting around 10am.

I've been reading about tags on Flipside's website, and aparently some tags need to be initialized. So some of the other tags Mike had, we may possibly get to work as well.... if we need to. Keep in mind, we're going to have to enter every racer into Flipside, as well as scan their tags. Between setting up, registering everyone, putting them in the system, charging batteries, and getting in a few practice laps... 10am is going to come quickly, and we may need to push back our start time.

Stock and LM are the proposed classes, but I will listen to you guys... if more show up with F1s - or if you want to run 3 classes - I'm game.

For supplies we have 6-7 tables, and should have enough chairs. I've got a couple of extension cords and power strips; we'll probably have to share. If you have your own extension cord, please bring it. If you need to keep some lunch or a soda cool, we have a mini fridge near the pit tables. We'll also have cans of Coke, Diet Coke, and bottled water for 50 cents, (on the honor system!)

See everyone tomorrow!

2010.07.09, 07:03 PM
Josh and I will be there...

K Dub....

2010.07.10, 05:59 PM
well,how did racing go? who was the man:D. was it K-DUB:).

2010.07.12, 01:39 PM
Racing was good.There were a few issues with lap timing using the generic tags but for the most part everything went well.Yes Wade was quick as was Mike and the others.I learned that epoxy is not the best choice for body clip mounting thus had a DNF first time out.

2010.07.13, 07:32 PM
i'm sure they hooked ya up. keep us posted for the next race.