View Full Version : 3Racing MR3-04 H Plate Holder For Mini-Z MR03

2010.07.11, 10:51 PM
anybody see this?

can't seem to figure out how it works... from the website (http://os.3racing.hk/products.php?products_key=4838)...

New from 3Racing is H Plate Holder for Mini-Z MR03. It is made of high quality Aluminium which is hard and durable. The holder can be adjusted to preferred degree ranging from -2 degree to +2 degree, fully satisfying professional drivers' need.

2010.07.11, 10:52 PM
here's what it looks like...


2010.07.11, 11:33 PM
looks like an adjustable pivot point

Digitalis West
2010.07.11, 11:37 PM
It looks like a similar idea to the Reflex and Atomic parts. The long skinny part is secured below the wide part of the T-plate mount. Instead of inserting a set screw into a hole, the long skinny plate is located in the marked holes between the screws with the rounded protrusion resting on the T-plate. You cannot adjust the preload the way you can on the Reflex and Atomic parts but you have smaller adjustments for the pivot location.