View Full Version : Racing Tuesday July 20th

2010.07.12, 01:44 PM
Racing starts at 7:00 PM.Come earlier if possible for practice.There are places to eat close by if needed.

2010.07.12, 04:08 PM
See you there!

2010.07.18, 10:53 PM
Looking forward to putting in some laps at the Hobbytown track. Got your clips bolted on Nitro?

2010.07.20, 05:58 AM
I will be bringing a friend from JGR to join the fun. He normally races large scale buggies so go easy on him.

2010.07.20, 11:43 AM
I'll be there too. looking forward to turning some more laps

2010.07.20, 05:25 PM
Hope you guys have fun. Sorry I'll miss it.

Pedro, hope your buddy gets hooked.

2010.07.21, 12:46 PM
Had a great time running on the "new" layout. Still a few bugs with the lap counter but I still enjoyed being there. Thanks to everyone who shared those valuable tips.

2010.07.21, 06:58 PM
I enjoyed the racing also hopefully we are getting closer to resolving the timing issues.The core tags have problems in a few places also.Mike and Pedro messed with my dNano afterwards and it missed also in the same places, so it seems to be a distance issue.The next size up tag should give us a resolution.