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2010.07.13, 02:17 AM
can anyone show me how to clean potentiometer. actually i already post similar question on this thread http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=31699 but this is for to get more precise answer. because i never done this before and i dont work to mess up the work and also i cannot find any information (how to clean miniz potentiometer) on the internet.

2010.07.13, 11:46 AM
beli baru je RM25...

2010.07.13, 03:52 PM
I just take the front apart. Take out the pot, remove the little plastic on it and spray it with contact cleaner. This I do maybe once every 6 months.
Usually I just lift the cover a little bit and spray contact cleaner on the gears and the pot.

2010.07.21, 02:08 AM
beli baru je RM25...(english= buy a new one)
i dont like the idea of buy a new one because unlike 1/10 the mini z servo is attach to the board it cannot be attach and dis attach like 1/10. it need soldering work to attach it. the problem with soldering it need soldering instrument and time to do the work. if something happen to the potentiometer before entering an important race, replacing the potentiometer is not a very good idea.

if this happen to you what would you do?

2010.07.21, 09:52 PM
i'm pretty sure i found an article on how to clean the potentiometer somewhere...
after cleaning it should be better... if not you might want to change it to a new one... or buy a new board (more expensive route)...

of course before racing... especially entering an important race, you would have to test your car to see if it is fit for racing... some guys have 2 or 3 backup cars sometimes with different set ups for very important races...

hope this helps...

some articles i found using the ''search'' button and typing in "cleaning the pot"...








hope you can find a solution in one of those threads... good luck...

2010.07.21, 11:26 PM
if this happen to you what would you do?

i buy new ones :D

2010.07.21, 11:34 PM
i buy new ones :D
can you link me to where you buy them from? I will try cleaning mine but if that doesnt work....