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2002.07.13, 10:15 PM
why can't we talk about the dinbal store? i mean, you can't loose to many customers, and for the stuff that you don't have they do. my 2 cents


2002.07.14, 12:08 AM
Well there isnt anything dinbal has that this shop can not get....
Just cuz its not in daves shop page dont mean he dont have it, email him ;) he will order it if he dont have it, d****** orders things to fill orders too sometimes, all online shops do once in a while...

2002.07.14, 12:53 AM
Z-Guy, what happened was that a long time ago we had a number of "individuals" who were in fact companies posing as regular users. So we had to implement a firm policy against this kind of abuse, since other sites don't give us free advertising on their sites! The only parts they have that we can't get are the counterfeit Squat parts that they sell. ;)

2002.07.14, 09:59 AM
lolz. Thanks!


2002.07.28, 08:36 PM
It's a pain in the arse though, when you're trying to talk about something that you guys don't have yet, and probably won't, such as the Mini-X, and the words for the link get all ****'ed out.

Solution about the "under cover guys"... Tell them to F*** off, (voluntary censorship), and just delete their accounts.

The Mini-X is probably my solution that I need to create myself a Mini-Z racer. I don't mind supporting you guys, but I couldn't even post a link to the site that had the information about the 4wd Mini-Z clone.

Speaking of which, can you guys get the Mini-X?

I'd post the link, but your site will censor it out.

2002.07.28, 10:42 PM
tinyrc.com has the mini-x and all that good stuff, if im not mistaken.;)

2002.07.29, 08:49 AM
AS IF THE WORD C E N S O R is censored... that's hilarious!!!

2002.07.29, 09:12 AM
This site is named mini-zracer.com and have their shop and forum, i think it's obvious what comes with it...

2002.07.29, 09:26 AM
That's not what I asked.

I asked if they could obtain the mini X... see the X?

It's a 4wd clone of the MiniZ

I know that minizracer.com are trying to protect their forums, but censoring the name of the competition to stop them linking? Just have the moderators do their job and delete any advertisement posts, and then have the admins delete the accounts.

The Thunderer
2002.07.29, 12:33 PM
Originally posted by ScottMcLeod
That's not what I asked.
I asked if they could obtain the mini X... see the X?
It's a 4wd clone of the MiniZ

Wrcracer answered your question. The Mini-X has its own sub-forum on the sister site tinyrc.com. Go there an you'll find a shop for them and everything.

2002.07.29, 01:26 PM
Exactly. I've already been there and checked it out.

What I was reffering to, is the earlier post that said "MinizRacer.com can get anything that din-ball stocks"... D-b stocks the Mini-X which is a really nifty little clone.

Whatever. *i declare this pointless argument over* i've got my answer.

2002.07.29, 09:04 PM
ScottMcLeod, I'm not sure if there is still some confusion:

Mini-ZRacer.com deals only with the Mini-Z, the most popular sub-1/18 scale RC available. As such, the Shop here stocks only Mini-Z parts and cars. TinyRC.com is another site of ours which deals with all of the other small-scale RCs (except the Micro RS4 which is catered to by our other site, YourMicro.com), and so that's where you can buy a Mini-X. It's all one and the same really, the only reason I could think of that you'd want to buy the Mini-X from Mini-ZRacer.com rather than TinyRC.com is because you want to combine items from both sites into a single order? This is also possible, email us for details.

2002.07.29, 09:41 PM


that's not what i meant.

I said all that stuff BEFORE I realised that the 2 sites were affiliated.

I was suggesting that it would be cool if mini-zracing.com stocked the MiniX... but I didn't realise that tinyrc did, and that they were basically the same company. SOmeone pointed this out, and now we're just posting confusion... :P

2002.07.29, 10:04 PM
Got it - cool. :)