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2010.07.15, 08:42 PM
Tiny RC has been accepted as an exhibitor in the 1st Annual Maker Faire Detroit 2010 (http://makerfaire.com/detroit/2010/)! We only rec'd the info email yesterday, so there's a lot to figure out/coordinate and not much time to do it - and we need all the help we can get! Myself, Mrs. Mini-Z, Derrick and Norman (barring travel schedule conflicts!) are in - who else can we count on? At minimum, we'll be running races w/ demo cars, plus exhibition races w/ our own cars, and hopefully a small pit area where people can play with setup (we're still waiting for confirmation on our space - default is 10x10', but we've asked for 20x30), but we're open to any ideas - I'm thinking it'll turn into somewhat of an RC show-and-tell, w/ all kinds of micro helis and stuff flying around etc. in addition to the main racing action. Post if you're up for it, and any ideas you have etc. - thanks in advance for your help Dojo Members! :) :cool:

2010.07.15, 10:10 PM
Sounds interesting I'll try to get that day off.

2010.07.15, 10:22 PM
Everyone, please let me know what day and time you are possible going.

Sounds like fun.

I'll try to work my plans to try and make it.


2010.07.16, 07:34 AM
What's the cost for us to attend? I think I'm free on the 1st.

Mrs Mini-Z
2010.07.16, 09:12 AM
Hi Guys,
Thanks so much for your interest. We could really use & appreciate your help. The last thing anyone wants is for me to have to try to race a Z, or show someone how to do anything with it other than how to buy it! :p

I have emailed the Maker people about us getting extra credentials, etc. Hopefully I'll hear back from them today and will have info to send with David to Z's tomorrow (and will post it here to). This is a good opportunity to share the love of the RC, and I knew I could count on you guys to help!

More info as I get it!
Meridith :cool:

Mrs Mini-Z
2010.07.20, 09:50 AM
Hi Guys,
I have some more info about the Maker Faire. Not sure if you heard that they thought they might stick us outside (not acceptable for a variety of valid logistical reasons and the 'I don't wanna' reason too). I've been in contact with one of the Maker people, and they are checking with the museum curator today about getting space to move us inside. So, fingers still crossed, it seems like it's a go.

For those of you who are interested in helping out, I have some info:

Maker Faire Show Hours:
Saturday, July 31 - 9:30 am to 8:00 pm
Sunday, August 1 - 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

D and I are planning on pretty much being there the entire time, so any help is appreciated. :)

We can easily request up to three more Assistants, and if more than three of you can commit to helping out, I can request more too. Their only request is that Assistants plan to help out for 4 hours or more to be official "Assistants". If you would like to come and race/help but can't stay at least 4 hours, let me know and we can get you a special discount ticket. Just to make it clear, we don't want this to cost you anything more than your time and expertise, so which ever way it works, it will be free for you to help us out. :D

I have to have the Assistants submitted by the 27th (next Tuesday), so if you can post and let me know that you for sure can help, what day and what times I can get you hooked up. So far D has said that Lawrence is planning on coming on Sunday, and Derrick is planning on coming on Saturday. Norman is a maybe based on family plans - is that all correct? Anyone else? :p Like I said, just need to know by Tuesday, and of course I'll post a reminder.

Thanks guys and let me know any other questions you have!
Meridith :)

2010.07.20, 01:54 PM
I'll be able to come the entire time on Sunday, August 1 as stated :)

I'll finally get to meet Mrs. Mini-Z too :)

Mrs Mini-Z
2010.07.21, 08:50 AM
Friends, Racers, Dojo Members...lend me your transponders! :D Yes, I did spend all morning coming up with that :) Anyway, just wondering if any of you would be willing to borrow me your transponders for Maker. We have three including David's. If any of you would be willing to loan them to the cause (and probably for Saline Summerfest too the following weekend since we are supposed to time that event and hand out prizes) that would be awesome. Just let me know and if you can drop them by our house or Riders or I can come pick them up from you. Thank you in advance (again!).

Thanks to Lawrence for volunteering to save us on Sunday - I'm not sure if by then meeting me would be anything to :) about - I'm likely to be much more :rolleyes: or :mad: or :eek: by then.

2010.07.21, 10:50 AM
We are definitely interested in coming. Still have to iron out family plans for that weekend.

If for some reason we can't make it you can borrow my Giro-Z transpoder (#17).


Mrs Mini-Z
2010.07.23, 02:21 PM
Great news everyone! I just got final confirmation from the Maker people that we ARE inside now (which means for sure we're going) and they managed to keep our space 30x30. Oh come all ye racers!!!

(sorry, but while making all sorts of preparations this week, it was looming in the back of my mind it could be all for nothing if we couldn't get an inside space).

Lawrence is confirmed for Sunday. All other interested parties be sure to let me know by Tuesday so I can coordinate admittance for you guys.

Thanks again everyone! :D
Meridith :)

2010.07.23, 05:19 PM
I'll be there Saturday. Probably making a day of it with the whole family :D


2010.07.24, 02:09 PM
I'll be there on Sat. I have to spend part of the time helping out some guys at another booth, but I'll bring lots of neat driveable and flyable stuff.


Mrs Mini-Z
2010.07.24, 02:36 PM
I'll be there on Sat. I have to spend part of the time helping out some guys at another booth, but I'll bring lots of neat driveable and flyable stuff.


Hey Dan that's great! Will you have fair entrance through your other group? :) Just want to make sure I have my ducks, or Z"s in a row. :)

2010.07.24, 03:37 PM
I'll check with them right now. Hopefully they can get me in on their own. I'll let you know.

Mrs Mini-Z
2010.07.26, 01:31 PM
Hi Guys,
Last call to let me know if you're planning on coming to Maker this weekend, and if you need an Assistant/ticket hook-up. Lawrence and Norman I've already got, so just waiting for Will, Derrick, Carlos, Dan to confirm with me.

If you could please let me know by tomorrow morning (Tuesday) that would be great. Just need to know what day you're coming,and what times you plan on being there. I know it's hard to plan for the weekend on Monday (it seems so far away!), but I appreciate your efforts!
Meridith :)

2010.07.26, 09:30 PM
I can be there this Saturday. Where is the location for this event? What time are we required to be there?

Mrs Mini-Z
2010.07.28, 05:40 PM
Hi Guys,
I submitted the information for the Assistant passes. They requested that I give each of your email addresses, so I don't know if that means that you'll be getting a message from them. I'll let you know what I know when I hear something. :)

Also, just in case I said that each of you were going to be there on Saturday and Sunday. :D

I am still in need of transponders. Can you let me know if you will bring yours on the day and if we can borrow it please? :o

Lawrence, I may have to "borrow" your identity for Will on Friday. Unfortunately he has to work and can't come over the weekend, but may be available for Friday setup. Of course you need a pass for that day, and requesting his separately would mean I had to follow a different (longer) procedure for requesting Assistants for a "large group". Anyway, I didn't think that people would believe he was Carlos Perez or Derrick Yeo, so he may be your temporary double. I hope that is ok :)

Friday evening I'll update after set up about peoples tickets/passes and any other information I might have. If you are coming on Saturday, could you let me know by Friday what time frame you are planning on coming ?

Things are coming together on our end, and it's getting close now! Thanks guys!

Meridith :)

2010.07.29, 04:49 PM
I will bring my car with the transponder. I need an address for this place. I don't know where I am going this Saturday.

Mrs Mini-Z
2010.07.30, 05:08 AM
The Henry Ford Museum is in Dearborn. I'll just leave the directions (http://www.thehenryford.org/visit/hours.aspx) up to the experts. Should take about 25 minutes to get there from here :)

2010.07.30, 06:18 AM
Got it. It is accross the street from where I work. Thanks!

2010.07.30, 09:24 AM
I'll be there with my family Saturday (tomorrow) morning around 10:30am.


Mrs Mini-Z
2010.07.30, 09:43 AM
Thanks Norman! I'll contact you about tickets tonight. also, any word on completed track layout? We have to set up this afternoon. :)

2010.07.30, 09:55 AM
Unless someone has a better idea I was thinking we would just use HFAY Track 1 (requires 2 full Wide L sets) and another Wide L for a practice track. Thus we need 3 full Wide L sets.

We have space for something bigger but would require more people for set up and tear down.


HFAY Track 1:

Wide L:

Mrs Mini-Z
2010.07.30, 07:43 PM
Hi Guys,
The track is set up, and it's nearly time to race!

From the Maker Web Site:
Upon Arrival
Entrances to Maker Faire will be located near the IMAX* Theatre entrance (near the corner of Village Road and Oakwood Blvd.) and near the Automotive Hall of Fame (north of Village Road, off Oakwood Blvd.) You may also enter Maker Faire from inside Henry Ford Museum through the west side of the Museum between the Wienermobile TM Café and Museum Gallery.
Tickets must be presented upon entrance. Weekend / 2-day and Super-Pass ticket holders will receive nontransferable wristbands upon entry.

Parking & Drop-Off
Parking attendants will be on duty to direct guests into various Ford Motor Company lots off Oakwood Blvd. (see parking maps). After you have parked, follow the signs to one of the two entrances. Parking at The Henry Ford is free of charge the weekend of Maker Faire only.

While driving there, I saw a sign that said EB I-94 was going to be down to 1 lane, and when I was researching that, I saw that the Northbound Ramp to M-39 from EB 94 is closed over the weekend, so can anyone say "Michigan Avenue"? Here is a link to the MDOT site for info/interactive map (http://mdotwas1.mdot.state.mi.us/public/LaneClosure/index.cfm?ShowAll=2&Region=6&County=&Roadway=&FromDate=07%2F30%2F2010&ToDate=07%2F30%2F2010&Submit=Submit#11392). I find it not unexpected, but really annoying, but not as annoying as if I didn't find out until tomorrow!

My Parking Info:
I'm sorry there isn't more specific information about parking, they didn't seem to have too much info about that. Everyone that is getting an Assistant Pass from us (Norman, Carlos, Derrick, Lawrence) will need to retrieve their wristbands from the Check-In. To get to the Check-In, Maker Faire says please use the Beech Street entrance, just north of the Automotive Hall of Fame. It's two tents at the west side of the Museum building. There was a Security Guard there today, and he directed us to where we need to go. I do not know if you will be able to drive back there, or if you'll need to walk back to that area. The parking back there is limited and I was told it's on a first come, first serve basis.

Of course when we got to Check-In, they didn't have a record of my requested additional Assistants, that will work in our favor hopefully. I wrote on a bit of paper Norman, Derrick, Carlos and Lawrences names. Each of you should receive a wrist band for the day.

Norman, since I was able to scam the Assistant list, you'll now need 1 less ticket. You will be an Assistant, Kristy and Peter can use our Complimentary tickets, Mekelit is free, so I will get you one child ticket for Sam. Contrary to the information they gave us earlier, I think that child tickets are even cheaper ($9.50 maybe). I tired to purchase them today and figure out how to get them to Will Call, but they only took cash, and that is something that I never have on me, so I will purchase it in the a.m. and keep it and the Comp tickets with me. Our exhibit is nearly within spitting distance of Check-In, so if you text me (734-239-4403) and David when you're at Check-In, I'll bring the tickets right out. Sorry I couldn't coordinate that all in advance, their info they sent didn't say cash only.

Dan, since I will see you tomorrow I will just give you the ticket for Stacey, which I believe is $15.

Please remember to bring your Z's (including transponders :o), wear comfy shoes and be ready to have fun! Fingers crossed for a smooth weekend!

Thanks guys!

2010.07.30, 08:24 PM
At what time are you and David going to be there? I plan to be there as early as you guys need me to.

Mrs Mini-Z
2010.07.30, 08:46 PM
Hi Carlos,
We're planning on leaving our house a bit before 8am. They say we're supposed to be ready by 9, but we don't open until 9:30. If you wanted to come early, if you could be there by around 9 for finishing touches that would be great. :)

2010.07.30, 10:26 PM
Ok, I will try to be there by that time.

2010.07.31, 06:13 PM
My family had a really fun time at the Maker Faire (http://www.thehenryford.org/events/makerFaire.aspx) today. And I'm really glad I could help out at the Mini-ZRacer.com / Shop.TinyRC.com booth.

I recommend going to anyone that has a chance.


2010.07.31, 06:43 PM
when will we get to see pictures and or video?

Mrs Mini-Z
2010.08.02, 07:55 AM
Hi Guys,
I think it's fair to say that we had a successful weekend at Maker Faire, and it couldn't have happened without all of you! Thanks to all of you, and also to your families who put up with you being busy all day Saturday or Sunday. David and I couldn't have done it without you, and really appreciate your help and time. :)

The cars managed to last through 18 hours of racing, and kids young and old had a great time racing. It seemed the only crying was when parents made their kids stop racing! :)

We ended up having a really great space. Lots of room for the track and shop tables as well as some couches the Museum staff put there for a little "lounge" for us.
Here are some pics:

Here's the track and pit tables on set-up day:

Another view of our space on set-up day:

Here we are on Saturday, open for business and racing!


Even Henry Ford stopped by to race!

On Saturday, Hobbycar re-organized us a bit for better crown control/people flow. Here we are, ready for Day 2!

Thanks again to everyone for their help!

p.s. would now be a good time to mention we've got a 2-hour mini event in Saline at the Summerfest next Saturday :o

Mrs Mini-Z
2010.08.02, 09:10 AM
Also, if you guys have any feedback about how to make any future events run smoother, please post here. Lessons learned include:

* Track layout - Keep it really simple. We thought we had a good easy layout, but turns are the enemy! :)
* Bring a vacuum (Thanks again Hobbycar!)
* Bring fans to cool overheating motors

** Need a solution for bodies popping off other than tape
** Motor maintenance - recommendations for motor spray/bushing oil???

What else????

2010.08.02, 09:24 AM
* Bring fans to cool overheating motors

Not so much that we really need a fan to cool the motors as maybe different types of motors instead. The stock Kyosho ones come with that sensor to shut the motors off, but if we were to swap in some PN 70t motors or just desolder the sensor on the Kyosho stock, we shouldn't have that problem anymore.

Or maybe we can manage to find 6 of the Kyosho Eco-Tune Motors that are super slow. The younger kids should be able to handle those better :)

I also have a ton of pictures of little racers and their parents, where should I post?

2010.08.02, 01:22 PM
i believe PN now has 80T motors? i to would suggest a slower than stock motor for at least some of the cars. we actually burn out several stock motors when doing demo cars at neckocon.

body choice goes a long way in fighting bodies popping off.

what did you do for batteries? that was always a roadblock for us a neckocon.

Mrs Mini-Z
2010.08.03, 05:20 AM
Ok, we now have an event album for pictures thanks to Arch2B. It's called Maker Faire Detroit 2010 (http://mini-zracer.com/mini-zgallery/showgallery.php?cat=1363). Please feel free to post your pictures there. They have to be better than mine, I just posted the ones that weren't blurry! :D

Mrs Mini-Z
2010.08.09, 08:44 AM
Hi All,
If any one of you guys sacrificed your TRP GiroZ Transponder Male Connector for the Nascars at Maker Faire, please let me know so that we can replace it for you. :)


2010.08.09, 10:28 AM
I'll try to upload some pictures tonight when I get home. I'll include the few I took at Saline too.

2010.08.10, 04:18 PM
I'll try to upload some pictures tonight when I get home. I'll include the few I took at Saline too.

I have a few more to upload, I was working on it remotely from nexcess until my power failed at home and kicked me out lol.