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2010.07.17, 07:16 AM
Just sharing my on-going project.

I am converting a cheap 4WD RC drift car (knock-off of the Tomy Takara Drift Package Light) into a digital proportional drift RC.



First step was trying to fit a micro servo:
I dremel into position a 9gm Towerpro Micro Servo - this is where the original steering motor is located

It seems a perfect fit! Although I over-removed some plastic...

Then I screwed the original steering gear into the servo horn mounting... it seems its in perfect position too like the orginal set-up. Except this time a servo will be controlling the turn of this steering pinion gear.

All I need now is to test this if it works with my tx-rx and ESC.

:D ;)

2010.07.17, 07:33 AM
IT only runs on two aaa's?


2010.07.17, 10:32 AM
originally it runs on 3 AAAs. there is a second layer of plastic with another battery holder.

but I plan to put lithium ions in those 2 AAA slots... so I would have 7.2v. I am reserving the last battery for the LED lights... :D

I did a test run on the servo and it works well:

Next step is configuring the Moped V16R esc and the RX on top of the servo.

2010.07.17, 01:57 PM
This looks very promising, I love to see major conversions like this happen to lower-market cars. Keep it up!

If I may ask, what Rx and ESC are you trying to use? A standard Mini-Z board could also fit in the chassis comfortably and would probably be cheaper as well.

2010.07.17, 07:43 PM
I plan to use a regular ESC for 1/10 (the smallest size that I have)... Moped V16R... this is also a cheap one (retails roughly about US$30). It has a built-in 5v regulator for the servo and can handle lithium ion.

I think it is also possible to use the mini Z electronics... but you will have to remove the electronics of the servo... and hope for the best not to fry the servo FET of the mini Z.

I am nearly done... will post image later... and probably a drift video if I can run it without any problem. :D

For the RX I'll be using a china made 2.4Ghz (originally compatible TX of the 2.4Ghz Iwaver). I sort of have lots of these US$60 china 2.4Ghz TX-RX because these are the same ones I use on my 1/28th scale RC rental.

Thanks a lot for the encouragement. Like you, I also hope that the chinese makers make these low-end hobby-grade RCs.

2010.07.18, 05:34 AM
The "transplant" is a success!!!

2.4Ghz Tx and a "generic" Drift Package Light:

The internals:
Lithium Ion batteries, 2.4Ghz Rx and small ESC


(not seen) I used the Iwaver motor - brushed version of the 130 motor and have 3 104 capacitors.

I just don't have a good video camera... but the drift run of this unit is way much better than the stock version (due to the proportional steering and throttle) and I'd swear its run is very competitive to my drift version MA010.


Total project cost... less than US$150 (if the parts were brandnew).

2010.07.18, 09:16 AM
Nice conversion!

I have one of this takara drift package (for my son), and I have changed the motor to an "upgrade" iwaver 02M motor... It's better than stock one.

The servo and esc conversion is very nice... When it stop work, I'll do the same here, with a turnigy aero servo and a brushed ESC that costed me 12 bucks... This ESC is an 80A ESC, so I'll try to put a very strong motor to see what happens...


2010.07.18, 04:16 PM
wow a $12 servo and an 80A esc... that's a great bargain!!!

That will surely be a "fast" drifter.... hehehe... I wonder if there is a similar diameter main-motor pinion that is available in the net and can be fitted on it?!?

My phase two conversion is to convert the rear "locked" diff into a mini-Z ball-diff...

2010.07.18, 11:45 PM
My phase two conversion is to convert the rear "locked" diff into a mini-Z ball-diff...
Not worth it if you plan to drift only -- the solid axle and CVD-less design (looks like you only have a dogbone-type joint going directly into the wheel axles) makes power transfer very immediate and therefore more accurate for drifting work. Of course this is just my personal opinion, but I would not waste that natural drifting advantage just to put the ball diff in.

If your plan rather is to go nuts on a generic cheap RC, then by all means I look forward to it. It already looks great, fairly professional job of putting it together. :)

2010.07.20, 08:25 AM
the front is dogbone-type joint... but the rear is like a Tamiya's mini 4WD "locked" differential.

I really had fun putting it together... hacking it with my dremel... hehehe

Oh I tried it on my rental track... it won't drift that much... it seems the paint-on-MDF track is still too grippy to the drift tires. It seems okay with the smooth cemented flooring though.