View Full Version : I'm bored

2002.07.14, 03:19 AM
I'm bored

2002.07.14, 03:21 AM
la la la.. ra ra ra.. la la la.. oh look at that paint dry!

2002.07.14, 03:22 AM
this paint is drying quite fast what shall we do when its done?

watch teh grass?

2002.07.14, 03:23 AM
yea the grass looks... hey look over there in the grass, a lump of dog.. ahem... its turning white wow!

2002.07.14, 03:24 AM
wow that dog...ahem...well it dries QUITE fast what shall we do now?

theres a sunflower over there...want to watch it follow the sun?

2002.07.14, 03:26 AM
no better not, too hazardus, might get whip lash...

whatever shall we do?

2002.07.14, 03:27 AM
hmm well....this is somewhat perplexing....

shall we have a fish fry?

2002.07.14, 03:28 AM
Ah, the good old fish fry stand by, when nothing left to do... EAT!

2002.07.14, 03:31 AM
I'll bring 10-15 gallons of ****tail sauce and the batter, how does that sound?

you bring the fish and oil....

2002.07.14, 03:32 AM
I will need a bigger truck... cant carry that much fish in the back...

2002.07.14, 03:34 AM
well then....

could you possibly use your ATV trailer? like rig up some sort of "tub device"?

or I could bring some of the fish and you bring most?

2002.07.14, 03:35 AM
naw I will gut out my 32 foot motor home, and use that... gona be kind of hard to resell that sucker though... the smell and all.....

2002.07.14, 03:37 AM
well thats not good we'll have to do the fish fry when I can get a hold of a truck also and then split it....

Howa bought we just go to Long John Silvers and have a Fryed Fish Hiest!?

2002.07.14, 03:39 AM
naw last time I did that, they just ran out of fish... reason they all closed around me :) Ill just dig a trench to my house from alaska... and have them drop the fish off at my door, would be cheaper then shipping the vast amounts of fish to eat ;).

(seriously look for a long john silvers by M53 and M59 ;) they all closed! hahahaha....)

2002.07.14, 03:42 AM
Well....I guess this is the end of these antics!!!!

I bid you good day sir

2002.07.14, 08:28 AM
oh man.... hahahahahahahahahahaha... oh man, reading this cracks me up.... hahahaha.... ouch my side hurts.... :D

2002.07.14, 11:48 AM
Just to confirm, you guys have completely lost it, correct?! :D :p :eek:

2002.07.14, 11:38 PM
yep mini-z, it doesn't look good for 'em. oh well there is always the other 836 members:D

2002.07.15, 05:21 PM
I don't know about Drac but for PorscheGuy, I think it's a California thing. They're all freaks, with their non-smoking restaurants and such.

2005.10.15, 03:54 PM
ahahahahahahahhahahahhhhahaahhaha!ahhhahhahahhahhh aha!ahh....ahhahahahhah!ok thats enough i just...ahahhaahahaha!