View Full Version : 3530 Spring Garden Street-Greensboro, NC 2:00pm until Sunday 7/18/10

2010.07.17, 10:28 PM
Sorry about the short notice guys, however if anyone would like to run at my office tommorrow I will be there at 2.

The track is 8 by 14 tiles multi-level with room for about six drivers at a time. There is also plenty of pit space. We will mostly just running for fun. I may break out the lap counter if any one wants to try to race a little.

Give me a call if you like 336-382-0719. I will be in church untill about 12:30 and then lunch so swing on by!

2010.07.18, 07:25 AM
See you there Jay!

2010.07.18, 12:52 PM
Lincoln and I are here so if you want to stop by come on by we will run until we get hungry and then some more!

2010.07.18, 10:57 PM
Thanks Jay and Lincoln! Lots of fun and a great track.

Stop by Jay's if you're in Greensboro, NC...

2010.07.18, 11:45 PM
Had a great time racing with Pedro, Marwan and Lincoln. The Core/Flipside actually worked!

Well as to be expected Pedro spanked us, even with our own cars! Don't have any results, just speed secrects from one of the east coast finests technicians aka "The Happy Cuban".

Can't wait until Thursday! Lincoln and I may make it to Mooresville Tues, otherwise see you at Highspeed!

2010.07.19, 02:25 AM
pics pls... :D

2010.07.19, 04:29 AM
I don't think you need to post the results (or even talk about who won). Pics are always nice to look at.

Seriously, thanks for having us Jay. Your track is a lot of fun, as is hanging with you and Linc. Pedro is always cool to hang with (as well as behind the wheel), so I think we should dub him "The Cool Cuban" instead. We can call him CC for short.

See you guys Thursday at HSH.