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2010.07.19, 01:53 PM
I am new to the hobby, and excited to get started. I have been reading up on mini-z, and am about to but my first car, but I wanted to get input from the forum, to make sure I am purchasing the right stuff.

I mostly want to get into racing with the cars (dont care too much about drifting)

Kyosho 32802W MR-03W RM BCS Porsche 911 GT1 White

Kyosho 82001 Perfex KT-18 2.4 GHz Transmitter

Maha Energy MH-C-204W Quick Charger AA/AAA

R1Wurks AAA NiMH Competition Batteries 990mAH

Is there anything else I need to get started? Any specific tools to put the car together / work on it? Do I need to buy tires / wheels?

I also want to get some RCP track. What size would work best for this car? 50cm or 30cm?


Should I consider getting an AWD model? Would it be easier to handle?

Thanks for any input...


2010.07.19, 03:43 PM
Seems like great choices so far :) I'd maybe consider a different charger to the quick charger tho,as (someone correct me if i'm wrong) quick chargers aren't good for your cells over a long period of time. 50mm rcp is the one to go for too.

The awd is a great car(and my preference for a racer) but they take a lot more setting up to be a good racer. The 03(with some decent tyres) will be good to go straight from the box. :)

I would recommend getting a bearing kit for it too tho. This will improve run times and make the car much smoother too.

Welcome to the hobby!

2010.07.19, 04:09 PM
Thanks. It wasnt clear to me if the Kyosho 32802W MR-03W RM BCS Porsche 911 GT1 White kit came with wheels and tires (the site doesnt say you need to get them).

Could someone recommend a decent set of tires and wheels. Im probably going to be racing mostly on RCP track.


2010.07.19, 05:21 PM
The car will come with wheels and tyres,tho the kit tyres aren't great. Try some rcp 8* rears and 20* or 30* fronts.

2010.07.19, 06:59 PM
Look into the Maha MH-C9000 or LaCrosse BC9009 chargers. They allow you to charge at different rates, and you can see the charge going into each cell.

I recommend starting with Kyosho 20d radial tires in the rear and Kyosho 30d radials in the front. If the front grabs too much, you can go with a 40d radial, or 30d slick in the front.

Definitely invest in a set of bearings, and I would also look into changing the motormount to the 90mm MM, which has its own disc damper. The MR03 doesnt need too much to get it to handle well. You may want to get a few different t-plates, so that you can do a little tuning to find how stiff you like the rear end of the car.

Down the road I would recommend a ball diff. Right now I think it would hurt more than help. Since it takes a little knowledge about tuning it to your conditions and track. The gear diff should be sufficient. If it unloads too much, you can put some grease inside on the gears. That will tame the rear end a little.