View Full Version : How large are the RCP Tracks?

2010.07.20, 12:01 PM
I am just getting into racing, and am about to buy my first car. I also want to buy an RCP track, but I am a little confused about how big they are.

Looking at the RCP website:



RCP Tracks Wide L
Part #17440

is listed as : 12 4 X 9 8 X 6 5


RCP Tracks Wide Oval
Part # 10428

is listed as : 12 4 X 9 8 X 6 5

What are the actual dimensions? Why 3 measurements?

Are these really 12 Feet by 9 Feet? (what is the 6 foot measurement?)

Sorry if these are basic questions. Im a newbie in the hobby, and I want to make sure I have space for the track before I buy it.


2010.07.20, 12:56 PM
Well The big L packs are 36 pieces of 0.5 metres.
Here in Europe we only have the kyosho RCP tracks wich are 2 Wide L trtacks combined.
So a total of 72 pieces. If you make a layout so that you use all the space between the pieces you have a track of 6 metres by 4 metres.
The measurments you are talking about are of the L you posted. 12'4" long 9'8" on the wideszt part and 6'5" on the least widest part.