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2010.07.23, 04:37 AM
saw this and would like to share this with all of you...
pretty interesting read... and erm... it's actually for sale... :D


1970 Porsche 917
Chassis No: 917 020
Contact: Wayne Jackson
Telephone: +001 (410) 493 2883
E-mail: Wayne@962.com

Chassis 917.020 remains arguably the single most correct, meticulously restored and one of the single most historicly important surviving vehicle of its type in existence. Chassis 917.020 is fully documented from the very moment built by the Porsche Factory, through each of its individual races and on to its one and sole owner since new. It is in fact the only one-owner-from-new Porsche 917 in existence. It is also the only 917 known to still have its original Porsche Factory Invoice. While it is most always associated with its overall victory at the gruelling 12 Hours of Sebring, this is but one small part of this most fortunate vehicle.

Chassis 917.020 is one of the few fabled Porsche 917 Coupes which swept the board in endurance racing in both 1970 and 1971. It also has the distinction of being the winner of the Sebring Twelve Hour Race in 1971, driven by Vic Elford and Gerard Larrousse. This car is one of just five 917 Coupes to have won a major World Endurance Championship Race remaining outside of Factory ownership today.

917.020 started its racing life on April 2, 1970 when it was driven by Richard Attwood and Hans Herrmann at Brands Hatch for the BOAC 1,000 Kms race, using a 4.5 liter Flat-1 2 engine. Attwood and Herrmann qualified 9th and finished 3rd in a race run in atrociously wet conditions. Monza was the next venue for 917.020 for the 1000 Km race held April 25th. Attwood and Herrmann were teamed up again but, despite running 6th, were forced to retire when the engine failed.

The very fast Spa-Francorchamps circuit in Belgium was the venue for the next race, another 1000 Km event where Attwood and Herrmann finished in sixth place. For the 1971 season, "020" received a new 4.9 liter engine plus wider wheels and a four-speed gearbox. 917.020 was used as a practice car for the opening race at Daytona but at Sebring, for the 12 Hours Race in March, "020" was to be driven by Vic Elford and Gerard Larrousse. "020" was qualified 4th by Vic Elford and, in the first hour, was delayed by contact with a back-marker, which cost the car a complete lap. Elford and Larrousse then began to press on and by the third hour, "020" was up to 4th place. The leading Sunoco-sponsored Ferrari 512 was now in collision with Pedro Rodriguez's Gulf-entered 917K, leaving "020" in second place, behind an Alfa Romeo T33. Lapping ever faster, Larrousse caught up to and passed the Alfa Romeo to leave "just" 572 miles to go for the well-earned victory which awaited the English/French driver combination. At the end of the season, Vasek Polak bought all three of the Porsche Salzburg Team 917's, chassis numbers "019", "020", and "023".

Mr. Polak sold "019" to an American collector and kept the LeMans winner, chassis "023" and the Sebring winner, chassis # "020". 917.020 has been meticulously rebuilt and restored by Robert Hatchman Autocraft of Grants Pass, Oregon with all the mechanicals being restored by Gustav Nitsche, Vasek Polak's ex-Porsche Factory Team engineer. There are no finer sports-prototype racing cars than the Porsche 917. This coupe, with its Sebring Twelve Hour Victory and immaculate preparation is, arguably, the finest 917 today.


2013.01.22, 02:36 AM
Very interesting!:)

2013.01.22, 09:56 AM
yes it is, glad you liked it :D
would you happen to have an extra $2.25m laying around somewhere?

2013.01.22, 10:35 AM
too beautiful car... :D

2013.01.22, 12:40 PM
Nice post, thanks Herman,

Funny I did a tribute to the 917K on our forum, some time ago.
Here are the videos I posted there:

Engine restart after 30 years
and drive
Open road driving 1: to the gas station
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wOlS4g6_vU&feature=related )geez)
Open road driving 2
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNiVDgMiExQ (quel son!)
Le Mans '70

I will post closup pictures of my dNano Porsche 917, I 3d printed scale wheels and accessories for it, it turned out nice.

EDIT: here are the printed wheels.

As you can see I made a section of the tire walls part of the rim to give the illusion of fat tires with classic size wheels. Tried something by raising the Good Year letters on the 3d model then sanding the black paint I sprayed on the parts, but the wheels were printed in gray plastic so its not really visible.
I made the screw holes too small and had to drill them, and I ruined the replicated wheelnuts.

Also printed a rear chassis section + end of gearbox + exhaust tips. The dNano body has nothing there.

Too bad they printed the parts in the wrong orientation...

I like the 917 but Kyosho should make the whole grid of 1970 Le Mans ;)

2013.01.23, 08:53 PM
wow fovea3d... that looks fantastic... great detail at dnano scale... nice touch on the goodyear detail on the tire and rear section which includes gearbox and exhausts pipes...

a couple of questions... you printed the whole wheel? rim and tire?
i'm kinda guessing that it looks like the tire is some kind of foam and you printed the rim cover (kinda like a hub cap) to put it over the original rim? if the tires are indeed foam where did you get them? what type of paint did you use on the printed parts?
lastly any plans of printing a miniz scale 917? :D

2013.01.23, 09:21 PM
Hi Herman,

Here are the parts unpainted. (http://www.nanospeeders.com/photos/shapeways/917parts.jpg)
They accept standard dNano tires, or wider.
The fake tire wall is usefull because the tire is retained both sides.
I mounted wide tires front and cut foams for the rear. Foams are standard foams like GQ very soft for dNano.
Paint is just primer + Tamiya TS satin black and silver leaf applied with a circular mask and finished with a brush.
I also made Countach wheels (http://www.nanospeeders.com/photos/shapeways/countachwheels.jpg) the same way ;)

2013.01.24, 03:05 AM
Beau travail, Fovea!
Wonderful sense of detail, I'm in awe :eek::)

2013.01.24, 05:26 AM
cool... thanks for the reply :D

2013.01.24, 05:59 PM
lastly any plans of printing a miniz scale 917? :D
Yes this one is scheduled for 2013, in 98mm wide ;)
Followed by the long tail version.
Beau travail, Fovea!
Wonderful sense of detail, I'm in awe :eek::)
Thanks! I like your Autoscale Studio work, stunning/sur le c.. :eek:

2013.01.27, 09:13 PM
Yes this one is scheduled for 2013, in 98mm wide
Followed by the long tail version.

great i'll be looking forward to seeing it :D

2013.01.27, 09:58 PM
great i'll be looking forward to seeing it :D

2013.01.27, 10:34 PM
cool… don't forget to post pics when it's done :D