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2010.07.23, 06:17 PM
I found this post (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=31223)with a similar question but it was over a year ago and the product add date on the PN site is less than six months ago so I didn't know if the mount changed.

I cracked a nose clip for a Ferrari F430 rm body. I was looking at replacing it with the PN Interchangeable Front Body Mount (http://www.rckenon.com/public_html/shop2/catalog/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=bm001&x=0&y=0) but was wondering how heavy the mount is. I'm running an MR03 with a narrow front, front end is stock except springs, on HFAY layout's and I'm wondering how well the mount will work for racing. If I use this mount, do I need to do anything to the front suspension? Thanks

Mike Keely
2010.07.23, 07:38 PM
There is two parts that you need. There is the aluminum part that screws to the car were the old clip would mount ( what PN calls the base )and the graphite part that is made for the specific body style that you are running. I buy these for every body style I run because you can lower the body and the car really runs better being slammed low to the ground.

Check this out


The one shown is not the one for your body but you can see what they look like.

2010.07.23, 10:08 PM
Those shims that you see there have a light aqua color, but that's because the shims are sandwiched between a thin protective film on both sides and that's where the color comes from. The shims are actually clear and colorless and are .3mm thick without the protective film. I discovered that this past weekend when I was playing around with different shim settings at the track & I didn't realize the protective film was even there until it started to peel off from handling. :o

2010.07.26, 09:17 PM
Thanks for the info. I couldn't find the carbon clip for the f430, only the f430 GT. I run both so I will probably pick up the mount for the gt.

If I lower the front of the body using the mount, do I need to change up my front springs? Currently running Kyosho green, should I go with a harder spring? Thanks again

Mike Keely
2010.07.26, 09:27 PM
Not sure that I would change the spring because you lowered the front of the body. That is a easy change to do so I would try it just to see if it is faster or easier to drive. Worst you would need to do is to change them back. Hope this helped.

2010.07.26, 09:49 PM
...If I lower the front of the body using the mount, do I need to change up my front springs? Currently running Kyosho green, should I go with a harder spring? Thanks again

Maybe, for two reasons.
- The interchangeable mount is a bit heavier than the stock plastic part and though it's only a slight difference, that may upset your balance.
- Dropping the front of the body will bring with it a tiny weight bias toward the front.
Perhaps the combination of these two seemingly minor factors will impact your spring action and a slightly heavier spring may improve the ride. Play with it...

2010.08.06, 07:41 PM
thanks again, appreciate the help. I should have one on the way with the front end for my f430 gt. didn't find the mount for the old f430 (without wing) so I ordered stock replacement.

2010.09.15, 04:43 PM
I need a front body mount from Pnracing , the alu part is Ok is the same for all , but the clip I need is for a Subaru imprezza STI I have seen PN dont make it and I wonder what available clip would be the most similar....

So here I need your help boys....
Anyone could tell me what model clip I need to buy...? knowing mine is 21mm long (the height is no problem with washers)

Thanks for your help...!

2010.09.15, 05:06 PM
I use the McLaren (short tail) front clip for my Subaru STI, hatch... I use it at the same height as I do on the McLaren.

If its the older Subaru, I dont know what would be needed. You can always use some other plastic, and cut it to fit... Although, for the most part, there are enough clips released by PN that with slight modifications, you can use them with a few bodies.

2010.09.15, 05:27 PM
tThanks for your answer EMU , mine is not the last one , is the previus Subaru Impreza WRX STI the Katsuta version bue and yellow....

Yes that is the idea modificate the clip but the least possible...
what Mclaren is it..? McLaren GTR or McLaren F1 GTR

2010.09.15, 08:05 PM
Im not at home, so I cant check... The McLaren is the short tail, the F1 LM. PN mis-labeled the clip, so Im not sure which of the two it is...But its the shorter of the two clips. I need to see if anyone around me has that body, so I can test fit it and let you know. If you have the Kyosho clip, you can test fit.

2010.09.15, 10:31 PM
we will release the soft plastic front adaptor, it will be more model release, and absobor the impact, please post here which body model want to be next.