View Full Version : Minor Flooding and Tornado Speed Winds Sunday Afternoon

2010.07.26, 08:22 PM
Just letting everyone know we are of after the tremendous storm that went through Sunday, early afternoon. our neighbor measured .9" of rain in less than 20 minutes time. our basement nearly flooded as the water was coming down to fast for the basement steps area drain to, well drain the water. i had to bail water for a couple minutes to bring the water back down from nearly going up to the bottom of the door. we lost a couple window screens ourselves but the area did not fair well. there were downed trees all over the place. we lost power between noon and 3pm. we only just got power back about 9pm tonight.

i have not showered, shaved in 3 days and very much look forward to a fresh shower. i should preface this by saying our sanitary line is on a pump due to grading. no power, no shower, dishwasher, flushing toilets. we at least have the sump pump on a back up battery.

this is the first time i'm looking at the internet on something other than my iphone as well.

2010.07.26, 10:23 PM
Dahm. First earthquakes now flooding. What next fro you guys? I hope everything gets better.

2010.07.26, 10:34 PM
What next fro you guys?

i predict locust.:)

2010.07.27, 03:52 AM
boy you guys know how do kick a guy when he's down...

hey arch... i didn't know you moved to the philippines...

just kidding...

i hope and pray that all is well with you and your family... if you need anything just holler...

2010.07.27, 11:18 AM
next will either be locuts or frogs :p it was just a freak powerful summer thunder/lighting storm with unusually high winds.

we live in an area where the media tends to be overly dramatic with the news reports:rolleyes: go figure.... just wanted to let others know we are fine, just a bit tired and frustrated but nothing more than what i would consider a server nuisance. at least i got a 2 day reprieve from the electric meter:eek: you don't want to know what our average electric bill is. i know plenty of people still without power so we are fortunate that ours returned Monday night.

i have not heard anything from other MD members. i know igor is fairly close to me and in one of the areas hit hard by the storm. i don't know how bad DC got it and kris is on the other side of the anacostia river from the city.

2 people where killed in the area by freak accidents of fortune (falling trees). one was a 6 year old boy walking home for the pool with his parents. that is tragic beyond comprehension for me as a father of 2.

2010.07.27, 11:46 AM
Glad to hear all is well. It came down pretty hard here but no damage to report thankfully. I was at a car show about 40 miles south east from my house and it showed up right as we were leaving.