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2010.07.28, 01:07 PM
MC3 will be host to the 2010 PN Canadian Regional Toronto race.

Race will be held on Saturday, October 16th. 2WD Stock class only. 12 noon - 5/6 pm.

Motor handout will happen at 12 noon. Free practice until 1 pm. This should allow everyone enough time to do setup and break-in their motors.

1st qualifier will be at 1 pm.

As per PN rules, there will be 3 qualifying mains of 8 mins each. Tech inspection after each round is required. Marshalling the round following your is also required.

I expect we will run our 3 qualifiers, some free practice sessions and the main by no later than 5-6 pm.

PNWC 70 Turn motor supplied to all 2WD stock entries. Additional motor can be purchased for $11.99 Cdn plus taxes.

You must pre-register no later than Friday, October 3rd. If you don't have paypal setup, please contact me directly and I can signoff for you.

Go to the link below to pre-register:


Rules are here:


Trophies will be awarded to top 3 drivers in A main for each class.

Lucky draw for racers at end of race.

2010.08.31, 07:52 PM
Hey guys , Josh here , iam new to the mini-z scene but i have been having alot of fun with these little cars. I cant wait for the PN race , it will be tons of fun . For $35 bucks you get a new motor and 3 days of hardcore racing , sounds like a great deal to me , i cant wait . Sign up quick !!! We need more people to make this happen . Thanks shawn !!

2010.09.01, 01:46 PM
i haven't raced in a while but i think i'll sign up. how many battery sets might be needed?

2010.09.01, 06:57 PM
Iam new to this but i'd say 3-4 should be fine . You can charge them while you are racing . Do you have a quick charger ? If not you can use mine if needed . Shawn also has a good deal on batteries , peak 900mah , $9.99 a set .

2010.09.01, 09:34 PM
Hey Stephen- good to see you post.

Redneck has it about right. You'd need at least 3-4 packs per day. You can use the same packs for each day, but make sure that you cycle them completely. Not sure how good they'll be after running 3 days in a row though...

This isn't a sales ploy, but I'd recommend some extras, but hey that's me.

Did I ever mention how I got so much stock in the first place? personal spares and planned upgrades....so you know maybe I over estimate ; )

2010.09.02, 08:48 AM
Thanks Josh. i have 2 good sets of batteries and 2 that don't hold the charge as good anymore so i think i'll get a couple sets from Shawn along w/ some tires.

Hey Shawn, I hope everything's good at the shop/track. i'm going to come out next week and see how the car does. also hope more guys sign up for the race...should be fun

2010.09.07, 09:52 AM
ok, i just registered and paid

2010.09.07, 10:09 AM
Guinness- that's good news; see you soon.

2010.09.09, 03:45 PM
do you know how many we're short by?

2010.09.10, 07:43 AM
These are the racers who have pre-registered so far:

1) Danny Lo- 2WD Stock
2) Jimmy Lo- 2WD Stock
3) Stephen Gunness- 2WD Stock
4) Herbert Ramirez- 2WD Stock
5) Lucas Featherbe- 2WD Stock

2010.09.10, 02:47 PM
so i'm guessing it's postponed?

2010.09.11, 09:55 PM
Check out the revised dates and details in the 1st post.

2010.09.28, 05:02 AM
Signed up and paided !! I cant wait , guess i better start practicing on that RCP stuff .. lol...

2010.09.28, 09:21 AM
Thanks for the note Josh.

GUYS- we're still short of being able to hold a race for stock class. There have been no entries for the other classes.

Reminder that this Friday (Oct 3rd) is cutoff for pre-reg. If we don't get enough guys, as mentioned we will cancel this race. If we get at least enough guys to run stock class, I'll make the race a one-day event as opposed to 2 days. Most likely the Saturday. I would need to check in with PN to validate the numbers being okay still.

So, C"MON!!! let's race!!!!

2010.09.28, 08:07 PM
We've almost reached the minimum required in order to race the 2WD stock class. So C'mon, sign up for some fun!

Remember 1st 3 places in A main (which is now guaranteed you'll be in A main) get a trophy. You also get a handout stock motor when you run 2WD stock class (a $12 Cdn value).

Due to expected numbers, we will only be running a 1 day event now. I will update the details on the MC3 website and the 1st post above. Price remains the same. There will be lucky draw prize too.

If you do not have paypal or don't know how to use it, please contact me directly. You can drop by the store to register in person. I will then sign you up via the signup link.

2010.09.30, 11:35 AM
This is 1-day event to be held on Saturday, October 16th from 12-5pm. We will only be racing 2WD Stock class.

Here are the drivers so far:

Herbert Ramirez
Lucas Featherbe
Stephen Gunness
Jimmy Lo
Danny Lo
Josh MacKenzie
Shaun Ma
Jon Ma
Shawn Yerxa

We're still waiting for others to confirm, so there is still time to register if you're on the fence.

Trophies will be awarded for first three places in A-main. Lucky draw prizes for all racers.

2010.09.30, 11:48 AM
nice...now i can watch football on Sunday

2010.10.01, 12:51 PM
what are the prizes?

2010.10.01, 12:54 PM
Lucky draw prizes are being supplied by PN. They will most likely comprise of promotional items like t-shirts, stickers, etc...

2010.10.01, 01:50 PM
Hope to see some of you guys at the WORLDS!:)

2010.10.12, 08:55 AM
PNWC regional time table

12pm- shop/track open: motor/transponder handout

12-1pm free practice

12:30pm- driver's meeting/ group picture

1pm- Round 1 qualifier, Heat A

1:13pm- Round 1 qualifier, Heat B

1:21-1:41pm Free practice

1:41pm- Round 2 qualifier, Heat A

1:54pm- Round 2 qualifier, Heat B

2:02-2:22pm Free practice

2:22pm- Round 3 qualifier, Heat A

2:35pm- Round 3 qualifier, Heat B

2:43-3:30pm Free practice

3:30pm- B main

3:51pm- A main

4:06- Trophy presentation/ pictures

4:10- lucky draw

5:00pm- track/shop closed

2010.10.16, 11:13 PM
Results and Pics will be posted in the coming week.

Congrats to Herbert who placed 1st in A-main, followed by Jimmy (2nd) and Danny (3rd).

Special thanks to Ed who did Tech table duty, Maggie and George for helping at the front counter as well as taking pics/videos.

2010.10.19, 03:31 PM
That was a lot of fun. any plans for weekly races?

2010.10.19, 07:55 PM
For sure, although it depends on who shows up and what they want to do. Since fall is here, more guys are coming (back again) which will most likely mean club races again.

I'm open to anything you guys want.

2010.10.19, 08:56 PM
Pics added to MC3 website:


Check 'em out.

Detailed race info will be posted soon