View Full Version : 2.4ghz overland out now

2010.07.30, 09:30 AM
was looking around a site and found they have the 2.4ghz overland chassis in stock heres the link for anyone interested just goto new products in stock about halfway down


2010.07.30, 12:14 PM
Nice find,means they should be available over here soon. I'll probs just get my am one converted tho.

2010.07.30, 07:39 PM
As an aside to this, I just bought an mr-03 from this same site in Japan. The chassis + shipping & handling was about $30 less than the online shops stateside listed price. It's a really good deal right now.

I think the Canuck buck has dropped a bit in the last few days, so it doesn't actually look as cheap as when I paid for it last week, but with the conversion, it's around $125 Canadian, and just under $30 shipping & handling. Shipped relatively quick & I had no trouble with communication.

I looked at quite a few other items on their site and certainly not everything was this cheap - the chassis deal seems to stand out to me though.