View Full Version : RCKENON an attack site?

2010.08.01, 12:07 AM
Anyone else seeing this message when going to rekenon?

2010.08.01, 02:49 AM
I also get a message from Google saying Kenon is an harmful site etc.

2010.08.01, 06:08 AM
I got the same thing last night. I will tell Philip when I see him in about an hour.

2010.08.01, 08:47 AM
I got that too.. in fact some of the online hobby shops got that too..

However, on Safari on my Mac it doesnt say anything.. only on Google.

2010.08.01, 12:25 PM
Good to know its not just me. I use Firefox mostly, but it did it with IE as well. Hope its nothing serious and they are able to get it fixed.

2010.08.01, 03:21 PM
Yeah I got it aswell I hope its easy to fix.
You can of course turn the warning of in your browser but the best way is to see what kind of virus they are talking about.
(in Firefox turn it off under preferences/secureity/Block reported sites and cross your fingers :-))

2010.08.01, 04:32 PM
i would suggest you not turn off any malicious site tools/features to get to a site. the site need correcting bottom line.

it's not even coming up for me right now.

This website is temporarily unavailable, please try again later.

2010.08.01, 06:41 PM
I sent a Google diagnostic report about this to Phil around Thursday night, and he was already working on it, so he should be running up again soon.

As a warning, for those of you that did use the site, make sure you check all your private info as it seemed like it was some sort of Malware that may have been used to pilfer personal information like CC's account #'s, passwords, etc.

Sucks that we have to have these kind of Cyber Criminals affecting and targeting our industry they are truly the scum of the earth!

2010.08.01, 06:53 PM
which is why i would NEVER recommend disabling these software protection systems to view a site. to do so is irresponsible.

i certainly hope he has the site fixed and back up making money as quickly as possible.

2010.08.01, 08:56 PM
Sorry guys, our web for some reason hacker attack.
We already clear up on Thursday, but we already tell Google, just wait for their reply, we will working on tomorrow, hope will be solve the problem.

2010.08.01, 09:02 PM
sorry to hear your site was attacked. :(

2010.08.03, 01:17 AM
we fixed already, every thing back to normal.

2010.08.03, 06:25 AM
Great news. :D

2010.08.03, 06:34 AM
I still get a warning from google.

2010.08.03, 06:44 AM
I still get a warning from google. Same here,it is still Page not found plus I cannot email to your info address either. It bounced back.

2010.08.03, 07:48 AM
Ditto. Been like this for a few days now (as far as I've checked lol).

2010.08.03, 09:16 AM
I still get a warning from google.

Yes, google need 3 weeks to process take out the warning.

2010.08.03, 11:34 AM
Yes, google need 3 weeks to process take out the warning.

No online purchases till then?? :(

2010.08.03, 12:03 PM
i was able to get on a few minutes ago no problem. even got to see the new awd a arm

2010.08.03, 12:31 PM
It depends on the browser you are using. If you are using a secure, higher end, browser such as Fire Fox or Chrome, you will constantly still receive warnings, but if you use Internet Explorer, you should be able to get on.

2010.08.03, 12:37 PM
that would explain it then at home i use chrome work is ie. thanks

2010.08.03, 01:40 PM
I am sorry to see this happen to such a good person (Philip & Co.). This is a PITA for anyone doing online business and hopefully it was just by hap-stance that rckenon got compromised and that it wasn't a direct threat from someone.

I saw that Phil posted the problem has been fixed, and I see that CT posted you can use IE browser and get on rckenon, but what about us using Chrome or Safari or Firefox? Is it 100% safe to choose "Ignore" at the warning page and go onto the site? I am very worried about ID theft since I know people it has happened to.:mad:

Thanks for the help!

2010.08.03, 02:21 PM
i cant even get on with ie now. best bet for id theft would be to call in you order, are use paypal

2010.08.03, 02:32 PM
Still shows as an attack site....

2010.08.03, 04:30 PM
i cant even get on with ie now. best bet for id theft would be to call in you order, are use paypal
I just tried and can't get on either.
I tried early this morning after philip posted the site was fixed and couldn't.

2010.08.03, 04:43 PM
sorry, still have little problems need fix, will go back soon!

2010.08.03, 10:48 PM
sorry, still have little problems need fix, will go back soon!

Hope it's fixed soon.:)

earlier I try logging in through IE, after logging in, when I click on any of the product links, I get logged out. Not sure if others have this issue too.

2010.08.04, 12:03 AM
the web fixed and safe now.

2010.08.04, 08:48 PM
Yes, just tried on Firefox looks fine. :)

2010.08.08, 09:15 PM
the web fixed and safe now.

thank you for posting an update to the website :) i've had no problems now viewing the site.

2010.10.12, 07:28 PM
just so you know, i'm getting that same warning message when trying to open the rckenon website. same problem as before.

2010.10.12, 07:42 PM
I just went there and it opened right up with no problems.

2010.10.12, 08:05 PM
opens for me fine now too. i followed the link posted in the pan car thread and i repeatedly got the warning page.

2010.10.13, 01:38 PM
My virus program warns me about a threat on the site now.

2010.10.13, 02:34 PM
My virus program warns me about a threat on the site now.

I got the same thing.

2010.10.13, 07:10 PM
disconcerting yet good to know i was not the only one to get this again.

2010.10.13, 07:57 PM
Next month we will make a big move to the new web hosting company and use new e-commerce software, it is more safe more function for customer and our admin panel.

2010.10.13, 09:16 PM
It was likely folder security / priorities or something that was giving them write access...

I use 1and1.com good host...

What where you using? so we can avoid it ;)

LOL... prolly 1 and 1 knowing my luck...

2010.11.07, 03:25 PM
new site looks nice but the login is all fouled up. password reset doesn't even work.:(

2010.11.07, 07:49 PM
new site looks nice but the login is all fouled up. password reset doesn't even work.:(

If all your email not working, please create a new account, may be we in put the old customer data to new system not update.

2010.11.07, 09:17 PM
so we loose our entire order history, shipping profiles, etc,... not exactly the response i was looking for but thank you for the response and i'll be creating a new account.

2010.11.07, 09:32 PM
Is there a link for new products now (cant seem to find it)? That was what I checked every day to see if there was something new.

edit: I found the link, but it only has 7 items. Will we be able to back track the new arrivals? Say a couple weeks after they have been posted. Sometimes it is easier to find a product this way, if you know it was recently released instead of searching through the subsections to find it (especially when there are 42 pages for the PN MR-03 parts).

2010.11.07, 10:05 PM
all my order in shopping charts that i've make last week was lost...:mad: In this new site we can't see tire on left chart but in " motor and ESC" category ??

2010.12.14, 05:36 AM

A little back on this topic as it's now a couple days the link of the new store give me a "403 forbidden access" error message.

Is it the same four you?

2010.12.15, 04:13 AM

Even with a direct link via the newsletter I have the error 403 message.
What can I do to solve this?

2010.12.15, 07:26 AM
hmm, I have been on the site quite a few times over the last few days. I made an order last week, and checked the status all the way until it got here the other day. Ive been checking back to see when a certain product line comes back in stock, so Ive been on there multiple times, all with out a problem.

2010.12.15, 07:29 AM
I have tried with FF, IE, Chrome and get the same result. :s
I don't know where it comes from as before this week-end I could reach the website without problems.

2010.12.15, 10:42 AM
The links doesn't work.

I have tried to reach the site via google search, via the links on PNracing.com, via the link on the newsletter and keep getting the same "403 Access Forbidden" error.

It appears it's the website itself that dosn't allow me to get to it (as far as I understand it from my search on this type of error. I don't understand why. My antivirus is up to date and I haven't received any warning from it recently. I also made a try with my antivirus software off but it doesn't change anything.

The answer remains beyond my informatic knowledge...:confused:

2010.12.15, 03:09 PM
What internet service do you use....like AOL etc......

2010.12.16, 04:12 AM
It's a Belgian company called "VOO". Do you think this may be part of the problem?

Kenon is the only site I have trouble with. And it's rather frustrating to be the only one in the world not beeing able to reach the site and willing to go to...

2010.12.16, 04:32 AM
The 1 time i had trouble........i called AOL and they changed something and all worked good then.;)

2010.12.16, 06:01 AM
I'll try this cause at this time I have tried almos everything with my security setting in the web browser or the anti virus. I have tried to exclude kenon from the scan of both but still get this error 403.

Really boring to have this!

2010.12.16, 08:28 AM
So, after contacting my web provider, it looks like nothing's wrong at this time EXCEPT...

That last week we have had a failure of the hardware part of the distribution system for the building and at this time, they only made a McGyver style repair with a cable coming from the basement to the outside box. This MAY (with all the prudence these suspicions require) explain the problem I'm dealing with.

As it's almost Christmas and it's snowing, I don't know when this can be solved definitely... But I hope this can be the cause of the problem. (I still can't figure out why other website works and not kenon but who knows what the rules really are in computers...)

2011.01.24, 02:24 PM
Warning from Google again when I am visiting rckenon.
Anyone else gets this?

2011.01.24, 02:31 PM
Im getting the same message

2011.01.24, 02:50 PM
I just went on and it came up fine. I'm using IE 8 as my browser...

2011.01.24, 03:01 PM
The URL is no longer www.rckenon.com but rather www.kenonhobby.com, Philip changed it due to the attacks. The website is safe, just that the old URL got associated with malware and your ISP or browser may not have updated that status.

2011.01.24, 06:04 PM
Ditti here.....all is good!:)