View Full Version : Where to buy replacement steering pots?

2010.08.01, 09:25 AM
I've been reading through the articles and it appears many cars in my fleet could use a good steering pot cleaning. I'm going to be attempting some of the tips I've read but want to have some spare pots on hand. I see folks mentioning just to solder a new one on but can't seem to find where you would buy these.

Is there a part # or an electronics website that sells the direct replacement to the steering pot?

I have mr-015/mr-02 AM and ASF cars in my fleet as well as a few mr-03. In case there are part differences.

2010.08.02, 12:05 AM
http://www.pnracing.com Under Accessories. 2nd row from the top 2nd from the left. Part #500136. They might sell them here. I haven't checked.