View Full Version : Thursday Night F1 Racing!

2010.08.01, 01:40 PM
I know alot your guys have a Mini-Z F1 car laying around collecting dust... take them out because on Thursday will be running F1 night at FPR, we'll start racing around 7PM. See you guys there!

2010.08.01, 09:01 PM
I would love to see some videos :)

2010.08.06, 07:53 PM
all you F1 owners got to come out for this! last night was one of the funnest nights i have had with the mini z's. the racing was very tight and the crowed is always great.if you don't have an f1 you should come on by and check it out by the end of the night you will want one.

2010.08.18, 12:15 AM
I will get video this Thursday and post it up :-)

2010.09.23, 06:42 PM
Check out TJay's lattest blog entry on the F1: