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2010.08.02, 06:48 AM
Hi all
Ive just bought a mr-01 with a ad band board fitted.now here down under Zcars arnt very popular.so i need some help to what is the GO with ADband.what do i require to make this car run,radio equipment.then once its running what software do i require to make fine car adjustments.HELP PLZZZ:eek::confused:

2010.08.02, 07:02 AM
you need an ad module that fits into a module radio TX. It is drop in for KO radios. You need to get an adapter board or modify the ad module to fit other radios.
What channel crystal is in the ad board? You need that for the module as well.

AD is/was an FM band for mini z s. It wasnt too popular because it was expensive and some cars suffered from shut downs. I used it back in the day and I had pretty good results.

If you want to modify the internal software you need an ics plug (old style) and the software(it was free from KO) If I remember right the software is/was in Japanese so you had to experiment to figure out what you were doing unless you are fluent in Japanese.

My personal feeling on this unless you got everything. the car/module/crystals it maybe better to just upgrade to 2.4 unless you can find the parts cheap. If you have to pay retail it will cost $$$$

2010.08.02, 07:25 AM
im gonna check the cost of the module and crystal as the board has a o4 allready.but like youd suggestered i think i will go with the 2.4 in which i already have 3 cars using 2.4.just hoping that i could be the old kid at the track with somfin different.ibought this car mainly cause it has every atomic hopup for 01 available and it was cheap.like is said here in oz z cars arnt very race scene popular,plenty of people gotem but not many race them.thanks again bermbuster.

2010.08.02, 10:34 AM
If you have a radio that takes a plug in module I have an AD module I could sell you. That'll get you a little closer to using your 01.

2010.08.02, 01:23 PM
If you happen to be using a 3PK radio I have one that has been modified to fit as well. I also have an AD board plus an AD chassis that would like to live elsewhere.

2010.08.03, 02:21 AM
cowboysir i have a ko ex-10 and 5 will your module fit?if so how much would you want for it.and will you send it to ozztralia?

2010.08.03, 02:28 AM
thanks for the offer of a new home for the ad chassie mleemor60 but i think for now i would like toget the one i have going first.