View Full Version : Need input on the flyers I'm using for the club

2010.08.02, 03:41 PM
Iím looking or feedback on the flyers I use for the club. Any feedback from other clubs running in HFAY is appreciated.

Anything I should add/change/remove for the ďwe provideĒ section. Iíll be honest, Iím surprised how often I still get folks he didnít know they could participate without owning a car.
How about the HFAY section? Any more or less I would say?

Iíll be moving to a tri-fold soon so Iíll have the real-estate of 2 sides of letter size paper.

Also, if you can do logos, I'm interested. The logo could embody the following items from the vision of our club.

1. Inexpensive, we provide everything
2. Lots of organized races, very little down time. You are almost always in a race.
3. All season long
4. Spare cars are provided. If it breaks, you just get another one.

I'm not in love with any particular color scheme.