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2002.07.14, 09:13 PM
Hey guys, need a bit of help here.. my best bud and i just got our mini z's and the last mod i did was bearings in the wheels. What i found though, is that the wheels seemed to spin more freely with the plastic bushes! did anyone else have this prob? the car goes fine and all that but i'm just a bit pissed off at spending AUD45 on a mod that doesnt do jack!

2002.07.14, 09:29 PM
yes and no..... the bearings come with a lubricant inside already.... this is pretty thick, but once you run it frequently, it will loosen up and you'll be able to spin the bearings for minutes..... so u didn't waste your moola for nothing.... just run it for a couple hours and you'll see the difference... beleive me, i have a bearing similar to yours and now it just spins forever lol.....

oh, don't grease it... it'll just make it worst....

Crash Rehven
2002.07.14, 11:21 PM
my friend and I had the same problem, but we loosened it up faster by using a bottle of compressed air (compliments of work) and used it to spin the wheels... you blow the compressed air toward the spokes of the tires and the pressure will spin the wheels feal fast... (you can hear the wheels go "Vreeeeee")
a few minutes of that and the wheels will run smooth as silk.

although compressed air is a bit pricey, it aso helps clean dust and road dirt off the mini-z's.

If you don't have/want to use compressed air, the bearings will loosen themselves in a few sets of batteries... Bearings are definetly not a waste:)

2002.07.14, 11:28 PM
a few 100 psi aircrompressor works good too :) (with moisture filter of course!) -- but thats more or less destroying the bearings then helping them ;).