View Full Version : Kyosho hex screws

2010.08.05, 05:46 AM
So I decided to get these with my AWD kit since the standard screws tend to strip on me. The build goes mostly fine till the end, and I managed to somehow strip 3 screws: 2 for the rear top cover, and 1 connecting the rear assembly to the chassis.

So my question is: how the heck do I get these stripped hex screws out?

2010.08.05, 06:00 AM
cut/grind a line through the top of the head and use a flathead screwdriver to turn it.

2010.08.05, 06:16 AM
Where I am right now I don't have full access to my tools, so I can't really do that...

Is there any other method, or should I just wait?

2010.08.05, 12:49 PM
try to twist the head with pliers.

i don't use kyosho screws as they are too soft. i prefer pn hex head screws, even over atomic.

2010.08.05, 08:05 PM
Yeah lesson learned there about the Kyosho screws.