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2010.08.05, 10:34 AM
Saterday aug. 28
This will be the 1st race of HFAY season 10 races 3/4. 10:30AM start. practice open at 9:00 AM LETS RUN 1-2 qualifers and a main in each direction. 1 hour practice break between directions.

3770 silver springs road cumming ga 30041
James Creek subdivision turn right which is away from the Ashton woods model home off melody mizer lane. ~ 1 mile south of HWY 20 off windimere parkway.

HFAY racer class Kyosho MR02/03 with 70turn motors PN/HFAY both OK.
price $free

The Lap timer is I lap with giro Z connectors with rc scoring pro trial version keeping the score. 8 minute Qualifiers with 8 minute mains w stagger starts.
Open practice will be timed for tuning.
I will provide the velcro and giroz plug for the transponders.

2010.08.05, 12:26 PM
Ahh, Art, I was hoping you were going to try and make it up for the next installment of the Carolina Cup series. :( We are having it on the 28th.....Just FYI, its going to be at CFI and not the Plex, so we will have AC, and an elevated track with a layout similar to the last enduro.

2010.08.05, 03:54 PM
I dont think I can fund a trip this month I will double check with my better half and check hotel rates. I would love too though. The 03 is really rocking now.

I had to drop the low lap time limit down on HFAY last month to 3.5 as I was busting 3.8s on that layout and my good practice runs were over 100 laps. I only had 2 racers last month here:( 5 backed out Gotta love shakin the tires off the car with an old pn 70t.

PS you get the package in the mail:)

2010.08.05, 04:30 PM
Glad to hear the 03 is rockin'! Hopefully Ill get to see it in action some time soon :D Hotel rates will probably be pretty bad on the beach, but if you look somewhere out by Broadway, or even out further, you can find some decent pricing. Expedia coud probably find you a deal, but Ill understand totally if you don't make it. Funds are tight on all of us these days....

2010.08.13, 04:50 PM
i will attend this as i will be in atlanta on that weekend

i was debating going to the myrtle beach race but any racing is good

2010.08.14, 08:03 AM
what tires do you guys run

i am definitely going to this as i will be only one hour away versus 7 hours for myrtle beach and there is also a big race coming up in a month als

2010.08.14, 08:34 AM
Glad to have you join us. I was thinking about the beach race and $$ is just not there this month. Having kids means travel races=mini vacations 3-4 days at a resort.

I run relex 2wd v2 in the Rear with pn 15s worn down in the front on my 03.
The other good tires are kyosho 20 in back and pn6s.
The grip is good and the track is always vaccumed for raceday.


2010.08.14, 08:35 AM
i finally got 2.4 again but it is with stock 2.4 radio

u guys have soldering iron right

2010.08.14, 08:39 AM
do u have picture of layout

2010.08.14, 08:43 AM
I have every thing. I have no problem soldering motor wires to the board/ power caps, chanigng pots. My hands are not prcise enough for fets, I leave that for CT at reflex.

2010.08.14, 09:17 AM
how many people tend to attend

2010.08.14, 06:46 PM
2-4 of the 8 club members. We have not had a b main in the last year.

2010.08.15, 11:59 AM

2010.08.15, 12:09 PM
hmm, not sure if I'll be able to go, but I probably should just to pick up my stuff:D

2010.08.21, 03:35 PM
leaving for atlanta right now

cant wait till next saturday cars were shipped to relatives

2010.08.23, 08:39 AM
got a module and adapter in mail for my futaba so now i wont have to even use the kt 18

got 3 sets of 4 20 kyosho rears and 1 set of 2 40 atomic fronts as well as 1 set of 4 30 kyosho fronts
so if u need anything saturday ill be happy to help you out

always wanted to do a hfay race even though the track is small i have a feeling i will do better on a smaller track because it is easier to see car

anyway i am looking forward to saturday

2010.08.23, 09:49 AM
Role call. Hank you actually gonna make it to a local race? The last 2 times I have seen you has been in myrtle beach.

Russ + jaren ?

Patrick you ready to knock the heavy dust off?

New racers let have some laid back fun on the RCP.

The track has been down for a few weeks.
I ran a few packs over the weekend and need to run a few more the next couple days to finish burning up some tires so I can reuse the rims for some fresh rubber for this race.

My mr03 went though surgury this last weekend. My motor wire snapped and the stock battery wire broke also. Since it was apart I upgrades the wire on the board and swapped out the servo gear for metal snce I have went though 4 in 9 months. A motor swap to a new motor and I am ready for raceday.

If you want to get rid of the Kt-18 let me know the $$. I would like to have a loaner radio to use on my old race ready 2.4 Mr02. It will save me from having to rework my kids Am MR02/eco motor car when people need a loaner car.

2010.08.23, 11:37 AM
yeah ill bring it on saturday

i want 55 for it

2010.08.24, 09:41 AM
I'm not going to make it. The wife has a consignment sale she is in charge of on Saturday so I'll be watching 3 kids.

2010.08.24, 06:36 PM
do u still have that loaner car my uncle might use my prefex and try

also do u have pit table or should i bring one

thanks sam

2010.08.25, 06:31 AM
I have the loaner race ready mr02 lexas 430gt 2.4 It is a fully upgraded Mr02 and was my race car until feb this year. WTF with PN AL diff/reflex/qtec etc.

I have 4 pit tables setup permanently in my shop. I can get more. This is why I ask for roll call for race day. I just want to ensure I have enough of the tables setup/cleared off of tools/rc cars before raceday. I have 4 rooms of my basement 2 for the track and 2 for pit space.


2010.08.25, 08:22 AM
cool will let him know

2010.08.26, 01:25 PM
i am looking forward to meeting a new racing crowd down here

i might just have to move down here for school so it would be perfect

2010.08.27, 09:26 AM
Call 6784568725 if lost. Look for a checkered flag on the mailbox and a large rainbow colored kids playset in the back yard.


2010.08.27, 09:28 AM
thanks for the help

2010.08.28, 07:03 AM
getting ready to leave at 8 will get there around 9 is the event in a garage

2010.08.28, 07:30 AM
basement , pits are in 1 room and the track is in a double room.( I had a wall taken down to combine the rooms). I have a dehumifier so the humidity is only 50% down there. Summer max temp was 82 when it was 105 outside and got to 53 on tht coldest days last winter. it should be in ht elow 70s today

2010.08.28, 07:34 AM
cool looking forward to it and meeting you

2010.08.28, 12:40 PM
Thankyou for sam and raymon for coming to the races today. The results will be up on the HFAy site in a week or 2 Usually by the 12th.

Emu thankyou for answering Sams call ont eh KT-18