View Full Version : How to get a Mini-Z track in Dallas

2010.08.05, 10:54 PM
I am looking for any ideas on how to get a mini-z racing track set up in Dallas, Texas. I am willing to invest in the track if I can find a place that will set it up and promote mini-z racing in Dallas.

Let me know the interest level out there.

2010.08.27, 11:35 PM
I am in north Dallas. Just relocated from the Bay Area. Definitely looking for some Mini-Z action. I own a small RCP track actually. There are some indoor facilities in the Dallas area. Maybe we can convince Mike from http://www.mikeshobbyshop.com/ to setup a track there.

2010.08.29, 07:58 PM
Isnt atomic mods (the Z and xmod e-tailer) in dallas? (or was it Houston i forget) Maybe you might try that as a source for Z racing enthusiasts...just a thought.

2010.08.29, 08:27 PM
Atomic Mods is in Houston, Cowboy. ;) Houston seems like the place to be for mini-z, man!

Some suggestions on a way to get a track going is to set yourself up some RCP in your carport a few days a week or get a group of guys together and rent some space somewhere every now & then (everyone chip in a $10 or $20 or something). Community Centres, Churches, Schools, places like that will often rent out gymnasiums, dance halls, or the like. If you can get a group of people together to do this kind of thing it might just work out.

With enough interest after a while maybe an RC shop or two might see that there's enough local interest to warrant a permanent track! Chuck some posts in the local RC forums (including this one!), plug some posters in the local RC shops if they let you, then you never know - you might make it work.

Good luck!!