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2010.08.06, 01:27 AM
I using kyosho xspeed motor and want to change the motor case. can anyone suggest me the most efficient motor case?
this is criteria i want on the motor case:
1.reduce lost of energy.
2.less heat produce.
3. improve the kyosho xspeed motor potential
doesn't matter how small change it will make.
(the reason i asking this is because the atomic official website doesnt give any review at all on motor case so i dont no which one is the best)

2010.08.07, 12:39 AM
im waiting.........

2010.08.07, 06:59 AM
I'm thinking if you want a better motor without feeting the board you should simply get a PN stock motor.

2010.08.07, 10:07 AM
I'm thinking if you want a better motor without feeting the board you should simply get a PN stock motor.

im not asking for a better motor. i like the kyosho xspeed motor but the problem is it consume a lot of energy. so i want to reduce it by reducing the heat that it produce and also increase the potential of the motor if possible.
doesnt matter how small change it will make.

2010.08.07, 10:17 AM
You could switch to almost any bearing endbell motor case and be a bit more efficient than the stock Xspeed can (which has bushing ends). They also have cutouts in the can to allow for some inner airflow cooling...I doubt you'd find a massive difference between cans.

2010.08.09, 06:46 AM
all cans consume energy from heat and get hot more so the bushin ends to bearings cut out the rear window of a body and glue in a mini fan of some sort and dremal some large cutouts in the x can other than somfin stupid like that goodluck.like cowboysir said no differance.ive tryed and heat will allways be your killer.

2010.08.09, 05:26 PM
I have used an old ATM BB can with Neo magnets and X-Speed armature. The motor was much faster, and more efficient. Neo mags are more efficient than black magnets. The motor barely got warm. I used to run it in a modified class and the motor kept up with the Saber/Anima at the time, and did not need fets on a 3004 board.

I would assume that the new PN can would work just as well. But if I were to choose a can right now, I would use the ATM M1 endbell version since you can adjust the brush tension with different springs.

2011.08.30, 06:29 AM
I use atomic BB M1 endbell (the 1 use as the same as Atomic Stock Revolution/ Chili) on my AWD.
reduce the heat significantly.
when I still use kyosho bushing can, after 1 whole battery use and abuse the car, the motor barely untouchable.
after I use BB can, it just warm.
I still use black XSpeed magnet for better RPM and less drag brake.
compare to stock Xspeed can, again it's so different for torque/RPM produced.
I think because of the bearing and brush tension from the M1 endbell.