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2010.08.06, 11:45 AM
Mr PN...
now that the aarm is released and will bring back the popularity of the chassis can you please make us more pinions to acheive a lower gear ratio... just two pinions would be enough... 1 tooth higher and 2 teeth higher and we will get to a low if not a flat 4 gear ratio... this would make for more exciting spec motor classes... i am assuming with making these pinions that you would also have to make new spacers as well...

2010.08.06, 05:05 PM
Junior, what motors are you planning to use with this gearing? I think with AWD, the more gear ratios you have, the better :) I just started working on my AWD a little last night, in preperation for the PN A-arm that I want to test. I have to figure out motor choice and gear ratio... I was thinking about using the 43t first and work my way up as I need to, and see what gearing I like with each motor. I think the 39t and 35t would be good for large tracks. 43t would be good for technical tracks.

AWD is getting exciting again. I have the Kyosho rear a-arm set on the way, and installed ATM SAS arms onto the Eagle Racing alloy main SAS block. Less slop than the SAS, although a little heavier. I dont have to worry about getting tweaked in collsisions and messing up the gear mesh.

2010.08.06, 06:27 PM
Junior. Is 4.176:1 close enough? Thanks for the tip by the way. The Saddle Brook diner was outstanding.