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2010.08.07, 09:31 AM
Hey all,what do turbo/twin turbos do.Are they a bolt on version to fet stacking.am i able to use a hotter lower turn motor if so what motor can i use with what:(.what is better turbo,twin turbo or fet stacking.which brings me to my next question whats the with the different fets:confused:

2010.08.09, 02:29 AM
greetings... finally a bloke from sydney... anyway... twin turbos are ancient... they were external compontents designed for the mr01 (first gen mini-z's) using them will in effect allow you to use hotter lower turn motors as you put it... sometimes they were called external turbos

here is what one looked like...

i incidentally had the same turbo...
from this thread... click me (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=25798&highlight=twin+turbo)

when the mr02 came out, there was a guy who designed an external turbo for it as well... click me too (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=13217&highlight=twin+turbo)

there were a couple of versions that came out... and well talking about them is kinda like reading a history lesson... hehehe...

these days a better alternative is changing the fets on the board (esc)... this was once called internal turbos... but as of late they just say upgraded fets, or fet upgrade...

better do a search on fets...
here's a link i found... click me three (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=390411#post390411)

and there's a guy on the forums who does fet upgrades... just click (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=33049&highlight=fets)

hope this helps... :D

ps... just wondering... is there any mini-z track in sydney?

2010.08.09, 06:25 AM
herman mate how going.thanks for the info.no major tracks in sydney more like garage racers.victoria and perth got the goods.

2010.08.10, 05:01 AM
japjack... no worries... so do you have a z? and do you have a group down there?

2010.08.10, 05:19 AM
herman mate how are ya ..i like the orignal mr-01s which i have a few.but i do have a 02,03 and 015.yes there is 6 of us and i have a track in my garage.we try to race as often as we can(wifes permitting)to show of the hopups and cars we have been able to get online an ebay.so whats goin on in your part of the world???

2010.08.11, 01:40 AM
wow... mr01... they're like ancient... kinda like me... lol (see my join date)... i still do have a couple around tho...

for me, the best of the bunch is the 03... not much racing over here either... unfortunately mini-z's have a very small following here...

so you get stuff online and from ebay? are there any hobby shops in syd? my wife and i were there last year, and i couldn't even find one... probably i was looking in the wrong places...

2010.08.11, 09:03 AM
mate im not so young myself....lol so the wife keeps reminding me.yep i gotta agre the 03 is pretty good..hobby shop hey,theres not to many in sydney and when you want somfin you gotta pay topdollar for everything even if its on sale.so maybe you were lucky ya didnt find a shop.and if ya lookin for z cars well good luck..thats y i buy online or ebay..theres only 2 shops in sydney that sellim and they dont got a lot ..but its good to go for a sticky when your in another country just to see what the go is hey.have you been to ozzz before or was it your 1st trip here?

2010.08.12, 12:09 AM
lol... it was my first trip to ozzyland... hehehe... my brother in law is in nz... my wife and i took time off to visit their family... no straight flight available to nz so we dropped by syd for a couple of days... went to auk then to mel... was one of our best vacations ever...

incidentally i did see some hobby shops in auk and mel... and you are right... just couldn't believe the prices on the z's...