View Full Version : MantisWorx MR02/03 cantilever system

2010.08.07, 10:40 AM
i completed two yesterday and this is going to be close to the production. it is the same concept as the F1 but has and added "droop control screw" and a single point mount for the friction arms. i tested on my very dirty double wide L track and even with a 33t is is very planted, big track testing next week! i noticed instantly that 5k grease is too thin but 15k seems to be right.



http://i770.photobucket.com/albums/xx341/muscletexx/th_mr03canti.jpg (http://s770.photobucket.com/albums/xx341/muscletexx/?action=view&current=mr03canti.mp4)

2010.09.08, 06:17 PM
just finished cutting the final version today, they will be ready to sell in a few days once i get all of the hardware together, it works better on the MR's than it does on the F1! one of the biggest advantages is that it totally seperates the shock function so you can seperatey adjust fore and aft lateral motions without one effecting the other. it generates a tremendous amount of corner speed.

2010.09.08, 06:49 PM
Looks good, Marcus!

2010.09.08, 08:47 PM
What's the weight of that system, Marcus? Should be a bit lighter than the TDS due to the Delrin, but I'm curious if you ever put it on the scale. :)

2010.09.09, 11:07 AM
i havent yet but final pix and specs will come late tonight or tomorrow.

2010.09.09, 01:04 PM
How much will these cost when they are produced

2010.09.09, 01:11 PM
35.00 same as f1 version

2010.09.09, 01:51 PM
i might just have to try it

2010.09.10, 06:02 PM
They go up for sale later tonight on the website.
weight with a PN dual shock is 4g so thats not going to be an issue.
What is different from the proto is that i have lowered the assemble 2mm and left a "boss" on the main plate so that if you decide to install a front wheel bearing ( recommended but not necessary) you can tighten down on the bearing and it will not lock up or bind. i also clearanced out part of the cantilever to clear the post when at full stroke left or right. By lowering the cantilever the damper plate mounts almost flush with the arm. The reason i did not make it perfectly level is so that it provides some friction without using any fluids or grease. So on a loose track you need nothing on it at all and you can actually shim the plate to get more dry friction if need be.
As discussed before the main advantage is that while the car is in a turn and leaning the side damping will not be effected by a bump in anyway!

2010.09.10, 06:04 PM