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2010.08.07, 12:44 PM
can anyone give me information about this motor case.
1.HE BB Motor Case Kit (M1 Endbell)
2.MO-013, Ball Bearing Motor Case Kit
3.MO-014, HE BB Motor Case Kit (Thick)
4.MO-015, HE BB Motor Case Kit

2010.08.07, 01:51 PM
Those are 4 motor cases that you have listed.

1. has the M1 endbell, which has adjustable brush tension by using different springs. This also has the brush tension perpendicular to the comm, which ensures better timing and contact.
2. older style can, no ventilation holes in can
3. ventilation holes and thick magnets
4. ventilation holes and standard magnets

All come with Neo magnets.

Motors that are built with the M1 endbell by ATM, are hand tested to ensure that they meet specifications.