View Full Version : August AA GTG Dates and do you like 1 hour Enduro races (or want shorter?)

2010.08.09, 09:50 PM
Heads up that we are tentatively looking at Saturdays August 14th and August 28th for our two AA GTG dates for this month (we will let everyone know when they are confirmed).

As posted last month, we are doing an "Enduro" series. We are definitely doing the GT (90-98mm w/ "stock" motor) and LM (102mm w/ mod motors and batteries) classes with everyone on the track at the same time.

But we want to find out if everyone is up for doing 1 hour races every time or would you rather do something shorter (e.g. 20 minutes or 30 minutes) or mix it up (sometimes 1hr and sometimes shorter)?

Please vote and/or post your comments.


2010.08.11, 12:52 AM
I like the enduro format as it gives me a lot of time on the track and thus a lot of practice driving, but at the same time it can get very tiring. I think it would be cool to sometimes do something like two 20 minute mains, one clockwise and one counter clockwise every once in a while, or any other way to mix up our race events.