View Full Version : F1 Bridgestone Potenza Tires sticker application techique

2010.08.10, 06:43 AM
How does these stickers can be apply to tire's side wall?
I tried rubbing them onto tire after removal of adhesive backing paper
and they just do not stick.:confused:

2010.08.10, 09:04 AM
Try dipping them in some thin CA with tweezers. Not sure if it will discolor the sticker?

You could try it on an old tire first and experiment a little.

Good to see you on the forums, had a great time pitting across form you at the regional.

Sorry I was so brutal during the F-1 mains:eek: I made the mistake of peaking my batteries and my car was not driveable for my skill level.

You are a really good driver for only having raced since Jan!

Tim Johnson
2010.08.10, 09:52 AM
Make sure it is not a water decal.